The SynerVision Leadership Foundation is a new organization that draws on the wealth of experience of over 15 highly respected and proven leaders from around the country serving as members of our staff, board of directors, and advisory board (WayFinders).  The individuals who fill these various roles bring a wealth of experience in assisting social benefit organizations to flourish through leadership training and coaching, board engagement and training, value alignment directives, on-site consulting, and facilitation of innovation initiatives.

Why SVLF:   

SynerVision Leadership Foundation believes that it isn’t acceptable to watch social benefit organizations stagnate and fail. We believe that, with better training, leadership coaching, increased collaboration, and pooled resources, real social innovation can take place. That is why we exist.

What is SVLF:   

At the SynerVision Leadership Foundation, we continue to build a collaborative community for social benefit leaders through our active, online community (videos, sharing sessions, message boards, facilitated groups, etc.), our in-person encounters (on-site consulting, conferences), and our resource development network (connecting you to contractors and grant-writer networks). We offer “soft-skill” development for social benefit organizations.

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  1. Leadership Development.

  2. Organizational Strategy and Culture.

  3. Funds Attraction.

  4. Member Engagement.

  5. Board Development.


Our Leadership Team, Board of Directors, and WayFinders bring a collective wisdom and experience that comes from working in and consulting for each of the three sectors. They bring key insight from decades of experience in leadership development, fundraising, member engagement, goal setting, culture, board development, and strategy. This intellectual capital and real-world, evidence-based thinking provides the backbone to the programs and services of the SynerVision Foundation.

Contributors to our programming and magazine include:

  • John Maxwell
  • Bishop Desmond Tutu
  • Peter SIms
  • Frances Hesselbein
  • David Burkus
  • Everett Worthington
  • Bob Fox
  • Brian Sooy
  • and many more!
Leadership Development - Over 50 years
Strategy and Culture - Over 40 years
Membership Engagement - Over 35 years
Board Development - Over 15 years


Hugh Ballou

Founder and President

After decades serving as a music minister in the United Methodist Church and as a conductor for choirs and orchestras, Hugh Ballou has invested the learnings from these settings deeply into the organizations that serve our community. His passion is to take maintenance thinking and transform it. He is referred to as the “Transformational Leadership Strategist” for his ability to bring about total transformation in the organizations he supports.

Greer-crpdTodd Greer, PhD (Organizational Leadership, Regent University)

Executive Director

After 15 years of on-the-ground work in nonprofits (churches, higher-education institutions, sports leagues, and membership associations), building capacity through communications and leadership development, Greer brought his passion for development to the SynerVision Leadership Foundation. His mission in life is to grow others through the engagement of their “sweet spot” where they can thrive in families, teams, organizations and, especially, as people.


Sandy Birkenmaier

Communications Coordinator

Sandy comes to the SynerVision Leadership Foundation with nearly four decades of experience in improving the quality of communications. She retired from state government after over 30 years of scientific research, writing and editing materials for publication, and teaching scientific procedures to faculty, staff, students, and visiting scholars. She has done volunteer work with numerous nonprofit organizations, including schools, churches, hospitals, farmers’ markets, international folk dance groups, Girl Scout troops, the YMCA, Habitat for Humanity, and the American Cancer Society. She has worked with Hugh on his Transformational Leadership projects since 2008. Her passion is simplifying complex concepts to make them understandable and practical for all audiences (and raising ducks for eggs).

James McFadden

Website Development, Site Support

lindaLinda Ruhland

Marketing & Technology Advisor

Linda serves as a primary advisor to the SynerVision Leadership Foundation team in the areas of marketing and technology. As a seasoned professional, Linda and her team have helped clients paint the picture of their vision, mission, values and purpose. Her expertise is in helping clients to fill in the blank spaces of their canvas so that they can connect more clearly and completely with the customers they serve.

Looking for Interns

Social Media and Organizational Leadership Interns - WANTED!

SVLF is looking for students with specialization in the areas of Social Media and Organizational Leadership to join our team. If you are interested, please contact Todd Greer.