Bowen SystemsBowen Systems has fundamentally changed how I see leadership. In the last video, I shared the style of leadership, called Transformational Leadership, which is about a culture of high performing leaders on teams, like a symphony orchestra. In this session, I will describe a leadership methodology that is about managing self. Basically, the culture is a reflection of who we are as leaders. If we are compromised, then the culture will reflect that perspective.

There are leaders that come to me every day who complain about how others perform, when, in fact, that leader has set up a situation for attracting the results that they are now complaining about. We are all products of our family of origin and have unseen limits on our functionality and are even blocked from success due to those unseen limits.

Seeing a vision and achieving that vision are worlds apart. A large part of achieving that vision is within us and is limited by us. It’s my calling to assist leaders in discoing their unseen limits and breaking through those barriers to achieve a higher level of success.

Preventing and reversing the overcommitments of nonprofit leaders is a primary goal of mine, Knowing self and managingCalm Image self through the awareness of the Bowen Systems Concepts is a very useful body of knowledge. I share this with you in hope that this will unlock previously blocked potential. Moving into strategy, team/board empowerment, and revenue generation are all dependent on the personal upgrade we all need as leaders of a life-changing vision.

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Bowen Concepts

Hugh Ballou
The Transformational Leadership Strategist

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