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July 18, 2017

Strategy – Driving to Abundance with Ed Bogle, Master Strategist

Learn what’s missing that might be limiting the income of your charity 


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Ed Bogle is a Strategic Planning Consultant that serves as a mentor, coach and consultant to entrepreneurs and non-profit executives. In the case of non-profits, Ed specializes in developing and implementing innovative solutions in defining their strategic value to those they serve and building a “brand” that moves beyond scarcity to a level of abundance.  His firm ideationEDGE works with their clients to understand their “value” creation and “revenue” production.

He has worked with and served as a coach and mentor to several non-profits and two of Inc Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year regional winners. He developed a deep passion for non-profits through a frustration from serving on boards and seeing great visionary work die due to funding shortages and donor fatigue.  Understanding revenues and creating abundance comes from carefully crafted strategies driven from a long-term vision and a constancy of purpose.

Some questions to ponder:

  • What is strategy and why is it important to the charity I lead?
  • Does a written strategic plan limit my creativity?
  • Why and how should me board be involved in the planning?
  • How does anyone predict the future with any success?

July 11, 2017

 Increase Your Reach and Donations: Learn About How to Get $10K in Free Adwords

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Pip Patton

Pip Patton

Pip Patton and John Zentmeyer will share secrets about how to

John Zentmeyer

John Zentmeyer

get $10K in free Google AdWords monthly and how to drive more traffic to your website for more engagement and more publicity. Their company,  Search Intelligence LLC, based in Tampa Florida, is a digital marketing agency.

‘We believe that marketing in today’s digital age should not be confusing to utilize and benefit from.’

We help you accomplish this by offering digital marketing services that are easy to understand and implement. Our services start with SEO and include optimized website design, social media management, video marketing and traffic analysis so you can make informed decisions about your marketing strategy.

We also work with non-profits by helping them apply for and obtain a Google Grant. A Google Grant is a grant of $10,000 in AdWords advertising each month for your non-profit. You can use the grant to promote your non-profit and gain more exposure online; increase awareness, recruit volunteers, promote special events, etc.

Notes from the Interview

Why do we care if people come to our websites?

Need for visibility brings more of people you want to see, online is where people are looking.

Not ranking on Google is like being 100 miles off the highway with no lights turned on. No one can find you!

You can’t get the word out on your work if no one can find you.

How do you figure out who to attract to your website?

Extensive interview with client, create keywords and Adwords to drive traffic, find out what people are searching for through online research, very few people aware of what prospects are searching for and tax status is not a factor.

Online is where more search for info takes place!

1. What is a Google Grant and How Do I Apply?

Google’s way to give back to the community; $10,000 month available to 501(c)3; keyword bids restricted to $2 or less; must find enough keywords to use all of the funds.

Qualifications – verify status as charity; apply online; campaign (Adwords) must be ready to go when launching

2. What is SEO and why do I need it for my charity or church?

Paid v. Organic Search priority given to paid; Ranking based on most relevant to search according to Google who cater to their own customers; can use best keywords when they are paid for; Google rates the information you provide, you have to build authority; organic search provides 5 times amount of results as paid search; you have to build credibility through your results; good information adds to your authority!

Facebook uses pixels attached to your website to build a “smart dat profile.” Google does not do this for you.

LinkedIn relation to Google – optimized profiles are critical to building authority, it helps develop authority

Organic Reach – Basics

Clarity around what you do needs to be clear to Google tech; links back to high authority sites on subject helps (on page SEO) must be relevant and valuable; Google grades authority based on links from other sites, social media, or blog posts that are shared or other shared information. This all takes time using SEO.

Only 18% to 20% of traffic comes from paid search. The rest is organic! The top 3 get the lion’s share!

Analytics tell you what people type in to find you. Free tutorials available from Google.

One-third of searches on monthly basis are different from anything they’ve ever seen before!

Buffer and QUUU work together

How do people learn how to do SEO in a way that helps them?

Creating a presence on the main social media sites use tools like Buffer (link posts to other sites); Quuu – (Aggregator of articles and information for curation); make sure you include some original content that increases engagement

Basic Visibility Enhancers – get more than one account (the Big 5; Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram); have accurate info on all sites; hire someone who has expertise because everything changes frequently

Algorithms for mobile and desktop differ, mobile friendly search is more important all the time; by 2018 it will dominate rankings; far more searches on mobile than desktop!

Closing Thoughts – (John) Go through strategy form to provide the types of information they need to provide good service; stay in your wheelhouse and focus on what you know, let your SEO experts to help you get where you need to be; search terms most relevant to you

Closing thoughts – (Pipp) – Take time to analyze your site and other information; video is a great tool for conversion, less than 2 minutes is best when it is engaging, speak like you are having a conversation with a single person; video drives up conversion considerably.

Contact Information

Search Intelligence, LLC 1520 W Cleveland St

Tampa, FL 33606

(813) 321-3390

July 4, 2017

Announcing the Les Brown Foundation

Watch the Interview with Les Brown and Tamara Hartley by Hugh Ballou

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