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Hugh Ballou

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SynerVision Leadership Foundation

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1224 Burley Lane, Blacksburg, VA 24060

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Hugh Ballou is The Transformational Leadership StrategistTM and Corporate Culture Architect working with visionary CEOs, pastors, and nonprofit leaders and their teams to develop a purpose-driven high performance collaboration culture that significantly increases productivity, profits, and job satisfaction, through dramatically decreasing confusion, conflicts, and under-functioning. With 40 years as musical conductor, Ballou uses the leadership skills utilized daily by the conductor in teaching relevant leadership skills and showing leaders in business, church, or nonprofit organizations the power of creating a high performance culture that responds to the nuances of the leader as a skilled orchestra responds to the musical director.

Hugh Ballou,
The Transformational Leadership StrategistTM
Author: 5 Books, 5 ebooks 10 online leadership programs
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