SynerVision Leadership Foundations asks the hard questions the nonprofit field often overlooks. Tuning into their program provides a place for nonprofits to come and learn new and innovative practices that will improve their programming.
Amanda Babine
Director, Evaluate for Change
Synervision provides potent, high-level, strategic thinking for nonprofits, helping them to increase their effectiveness, impact and reach. By helping you focus on things that matter most, the Synervision team will help you raise more, find more and help more.
Devin Thorpe
Crowdfunding expert
SynerVision Leadership Foundation understands that transformation begins from within, and that for it to occur, leadership must be engaged in order to create a culture that has meaningful and measurable impact.SynerVision has been an encouraging partner and collaborator, seeking to engage in challenging conversations about the nature of mission-driven nonprofit organizations.
Brian Sooy
Author and Designer


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