Nonprofit Leader…This is What I’ve Created for YOU!

If you are launching or upgrading a nonprofit organization, then this is a program I’ve created for you, whether you are a nonprofit executive, clergy, government or educational leader…we face similar challenges:

  1. Leader Burnout
  2. Board and Volunteer Underperforming
  3. Insufficient Revenue to Fully Achieve the Organization’s Mission

The Problem

We set up these organizations in a way that limits the overall effectiveness of the organization, the board, and ultimately for us. We get burned out, the board isn’t functioning up to it’s expectations and certainly not up to what we expect, and we are not generating the revenue for fully achieving the mission that’s so essential for humankind,

My Offer

I’m looking for those leaders committed to success, both for the charity and for themselves. In his TED Talk, The Way We Think about Charity is Wrong, Simon Sinek, points out that we think we can’t earn good salaries and we can’t spend money to market our organization. I agree. It’s time to change the paradigm of “Nonprofit” from a philosophy to a tax classification! We must move from the scarcity mindset to abundance thinking.

If you aren’t willing to work on yourself and commit to a better future, then this program is not for you. Individual leaders pay me over $15,000 a year for this program. It’s important for them to move forward directly and they need the individual mentoring and support. However, many leaders don’t have that level of funding to support the individual work.

Consequently, I’m starting a MasterClass for nonprofit leaders going through the basics and wanting to change the future. Here are the modules in the program:

  1. Your life vision;
  2. The organization’s master plan;
  3. Your leadership skills upgrade;
  4. Creating the high performing culture of excellence; and
  5. Generating income from up to 8 sources.

As you may realize, all of these components, as well as the ultimate success of the charity depend on your leadership competency. I’m your mentor for success giving you the benefit of my 30+ years of experience.

In order to keep the costs down, I have created a group option I’m calling a Nonprofit Success MasterClass. It’s a content based mentoring program that will assist you in knowing what to do and when to do it…sequence is key without leaving out any of the steps.

I’m only accepting 10 leaders for the first group starting in early September.

Therefore, I would like to interview you before you join the group, so go HERE to give me some information and to schedule your call with me. I want to be sure that it’s a good fit for both of us. I hope you agree.

Here’s how it will work:

  1. You join the group for $497/month
  2. You begin getting the curriculum by email
  3. We work on the modules together and discuss the issues
  4. We define the top challenges the group is facing and address those in the process
  5. We commit to a 1-year journey to complete the process and generate the income to replace and supersede what you have invested in this program

Here’s what you get:

  1. Three group sessions of 90 minutes per month
  2. One private session with me per month
  3. Two Evernote notebooks for notes and communications one, private and one group
  4. Over 50 units of curriculum in a knowledge vault that you download when you need it
  5. Support and encouragement for the group and from me your mentor
  6. Expanded leadership knowledge and skill to expand your effectiveness wherever you lead
  7. Time proven systems and strategies to address the key issues facing nonprofit leaders
  8. My personal pledge of support for what you need

I’m serious about empowering leaders working in social enterprise, so let’s change the future together!

Start the process HERE.