SynerVision Has Accomplished a Lot! 

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More Great Things are Coming in SOON!

SynerVision is launching the exclusive Nonprofit Leadership Excellence Summit!

In 2017 Q1, this Multi-Day Multi-Presenter Event Launches!

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Here’s and Update on Our Progress

In 2015,we launched the leadership magazine read by nonprofit and religious leaders in all 50 states!

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SVLF Performance Mag Overview

 The SynerVision Leadership Empowerment Workshop!

In 2015, Hugh Ballou traveled to 15 cities teaching social entrepreneurs leading churches, synagogues, businesses, and charities new paradigms for effective leadership, planning, and culture creation.

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Leadership Workshop


 SynerVision’s Community for Community Builders

SynerVision University

SVLF Membership Site: Leadership Support and Resources

In June 2014 SynerVision launched a membership for a 60-day beta test. Those joining the community were provided maximum value for minimum cost and be provided with a “founders” rate for membership as long as their membership continues without a break. The community is now live with membership growing daily. Member receive the following content and benefits:

  • Weekly video Google Hangout interviews with thought leaders with cutting edge strategies and processes;
  • Video leadership lessons on the primary topics facing religious and social benefit organization leaders including:
    • Leadership skills and systems;
    • Team culture and performance;
    • Volunteer recruitment, assimilation, and retention;
    • Board capacity building and empowerment;
    • Time management;
    • Strategic planning and project implementation;
    • Setting and achieving goals and action plans;
    • Succession planning;
    • Developing future leaders;
    • Creating effective systems: effective meetings, meaningful evaluations, job descriptions and accountability mechanisms;
    • Managing multiple priorities and creating balance;
    • And many more…
  • Print articles on major issues of the day;
  • Blog posts by organizational experts;
  • Q & A interactive sessions monthly;
  • Online chat and list serve for problem solving;
  • Free Nonprofit Professional Performance 360 Magazine subscription; and
  • Other content suggested by the beta test community.

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In addition, we have been on-site with organizations leading strategic planning, leadership development, and team empowerment and making a difference in their results.