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Conducting Power-Packed Meetings

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Conducting Power Packed Meetings Cover 2The biggest challenge for many leaders is the BORING, UNPRODUCTIVE MEETING!

The problem that most people want to do things like they have done them before – badly. But, they don’t know any other way to approach decisions.

So, after answering the same questions over and over again, I decided to create a free article and video that I want to give to you.

This article and accompanying video will reveal the following:

  • Why the agenda is the enemy of productivity in meetings. And what works far, far better.
  • Templates for planning awesome meetings!
  • How to construct from the desired outcomes backwards to insure engaged and productive team interaction that insures success.
  • Find secrets for managing time, managing group participation, keeping to team focused and on track, and finally how to keep anyone from hijacking the meeting with a personal agenda.


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