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The Committee Chair

Transforming Committees into High Performance Teams

…in Just 21 Days!

Online Training Program

For the Committee Chair Person

Committee Chair CoverThe Committee Chair is an 21-day leadership program designed for the busy and overloaded volunteer leader who wants to develop strategies and processes for transforming their committee, board, or another group of individuals into a high performance team!

The 5-Part Online Series Will Include:

Five Individual Lessons – Everything you need to know about how Transformational Leadership applies to creating the team of your dreams.

Useful Tips and Tools – Each module not only includes the theory of a specific leadership principle as it applies to teams and to team strategies, it also includes strategies for using those principles in your organization and specific applications for team members.

Fully Comprehensive Leadership Notebook – Each module is delivered in a PDF file to print out for your notebook. This is a leadership program that will have value for the rest of your life and the principles can be applied to any type of organization anywhere.

Downloadable Lessons and MP3 Files – Since this program is designed for the busy and overloaded leader, each lesson is also provided in an easy to download MP3 file to “listen on the go.”

BONUS: TeleSeminars – Many leaders have similar challenges in common, so there are recorded live teleseminars to drill down on the most complex issues – setting goals and conducting power-packed meetings

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