Addressing the Barriers Blocking the Success of Nonprofits

Hugh Ballou
30+ Years of Working with Nonprofit Leaders

The Key Issues

After spending 19 days in 10 cities with visionary leaders wanting to up their game and achieve more with the organizations they lead, I have heard the issues…they are mostly the same issues challenging nonprofit leaders and clergy all over the US.

Here are the top issues these leaders are facing: Burnout2

  • Leader Burnout: Leaders are working too much, opening too much energy and time for too little pay and not about to get everything dong.
  • Unsatisfactory Board Functioning: Some boards are working out better than others, however none of the boards are functioning at a level that either the leader or the board members consider optional.
  • Gaps in Income: There were no organizations with representatives in attendance that were satisfied with their level and consistency of income. Lack of revenue was a challenge that compromised most of the organizations attending. This is also what I have experienced and my 30+ years of working with charities.
  • Boring, Unproductive Meetings: Everybody agreed that meetings were the biggest team killer and that nobody was happy with the process.

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It’s Time for a Change

Leadership Workshop Postcard

SynerVision Leadership Foundation is purposed with providing high quality, relevant content for social benefit leaders at a cost that’s practical. We are introducing a Group Mastermind process that’s a live and interactive process to work through the major themes and to build support systems for you, the Nonprofit Executive, President, Chairman, or Clergy.

We are currently accepting applications for several groups, which will begin in early August, so it’s time to prepare for the experience and start changing the future.


“Any idea that is held in the mind, that is emphasized, that is either feared or revered, will begin at once to cloth itself in the most convenient and appropriate form available.” – Andrew Carnegie

The common factor with successful leaders is clarity of vision, ability to articulate that vision, ability to surround themselves with high performing teams, and the ability to influence others to implement the plan to achieve that vision. As the quote clearly states…it will begin at once…so, what wait?

What’s You Get TIA Banner1

Participants in each group will receive the following:

  • Personal mentoring by Hugh Ballou
  • A solid work plan with content and templates..we are always connected
  • Hugh’s intensive leadership material for every facet of development and strategy
  • Group synergy for problem solving and collaboration
  • Systems and structures for immediate implementation
  • Ongoing support both live and virtual

What’s the Fee?

Well, the value is priceless, however there is a monthly fee. Commitment to the journey is important. Transformation is possible first if the leader is open to learning and is committed to transformation. Starting the journey is immediate. Many of the concepts and systems are immediately implementable. However, sustainability is accomplished over time. Only those committed to their own transformation and success are a fit for this program. The content alone is something I charge thousands of dollars for. This group mastermind a fraction of those fees and is designed to create immediate results and to build sustainable transformation over the long-term. Programs are designed to fit the needs of the leader and the organization’s budget.

What Can I Expect?

First, you will regain your life and your sanity. We will no longer buy into the concept that we must work miracles for little pay and work all the time. Second, you will learn how to influence others to create a “New Architecture of Engagement” so that everyone in the organization is happily more engaged, more productive, and more collaborative. You will also learn that you most likely have created or contributed to the situation of your own over functioning. It’s time for things to change!

Expect These Results

  • You are in control of your time and your schedule;
  • Your board, staff, and volunteers have moved from apathy to passion and from passive to fully engaged;
  • The organization has developed a more constant donor program in which donors are primary champions;
  • There are up to 8 streams of revenue helping to create a fund to support the fully implication of the vision;
  • Meetings are wildly popular and a source of creative energy and collaboration;
  • Much more…

Why Can’t I Get This Information Online or from My Board?Burnout

There are some really great resources available and there are some really experienced board members with wisdom and knowledge, however most of these resources are fragmented, though valuable. What SynerVision offers is a fully integrated SYSTEM that is easily understood and easily implemented with mentoring support. It’s basically a turn-key system that includes all the missing elements Hugh Ballou has discovered and addressed in his 30+ years of working with nonprofits.

How Can I Apply?

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Click the button above and get the scoop to register. You are a co-creator of the process. Even though Hugh has all the content, you will be a significant participant in defining the issues and parameters for the discussions. I want to hear what your situate is about and what you think is important, and then we will have a short conversation to validate if this is a fit for both of us.

I’d like to hear from you whether or not it’s a fit, please. So click HERE to give me your opinion. Planning

By the way, if this program is not what you need, consider joining the SynerVision Community for Community Builders at the “Leader” level. This will provide you will lots of value and some level of group interaction without the structured process and full content.

Go HERE to join the Community.
I’m eager to hear from you.




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Hugh Ballou

Founder and President
SynerVision Leadership Foundation