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  • Amit Banerjee
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    *This topic was introduced on “The Nonprofit Exchange” podcast, which was recorded on 7/7/2020*

    Setting shared learning objectives for the leadership allows each board/staff member to develop their own skills and ultimately add to the collective skill-set of the organization. Focusing on developing the talent within an organization will naturally make the organization more effective at completing its mission.

    With this, it is important to re-evaluate your own practices and adjust them to make your performance more efficient, thus making your nonprofit’s performance more efficient. Having an “accountability partner” allows for a more structured approach to the personal and professional development you are looking for.

    David Dunworth
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    We as individuals have a defined amount of experience and expertise in the field of our endeavors. Life-long learning is necessary for anyone who aspires to be the best person they can be. Being the best leader, pastor, volunteer, community organizer or any other profession requires constant sharpening of the sword so to speak.

    The potential burnout of any person is based on their self-limiting beliefs that only they can do the job, only they have the responsibility, or only they can make a difference. Only they feel if it needs to be right, I must do it. That’s negative thinking by believing you know best.

    If you don’t grow, how can you expect anything grows beyond your self-proclaimed limitations?

    Hugh Ballou
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    At the age of 73, I am aware of all I don’t know daily, so it’s important to constantly be in a learning frame of mind.

    Sandy Birkenmaier
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    I was raised with my dad’s adage: “It’s a wasted day if you don’t learn something new.”

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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