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  • Hugh Ballou
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    The “Over-functioning” leader is the biggest problem I see constantly. Leaders do too much, therefore others don’t see the need to do much, if anything. The leader gets frustrated and team is disconnected.

    How to you manage your work load and how do you learn to delegate to others?

    Do you have trouble saying “no”?

    Sandy Birkenmaier
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    Keep in mind that those farther down the chain may have trouble saying “no,” too. They may be stewing inside, while attempting to maintain a smiling demeanor.

    I once had a supervisor sit me down for a chat because he feared that I was not taking the work seriously enough. He thought that I should be freaking out with the workload that he kept adding to. He was relieved to learn that I was simply trying to be pleasant, and was freaking out as soon as he left the room.

    Don’t be that kind of leader. You may lose your hardest-working employees and volunteers. Check in with them and make sure that they’re really okay.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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