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    Introspection is one of the most valuable exercises humans can undertake to not only become more self-aware but to impact society as well. With September being Self-Awareness Month (among other celebratory topics) it is a reminder of the value of such an undertaking. Science has proven that those who regularly dive deep into their minds, hearts, and souls become better leaders, bar none.

    Understanding the intricacies of your own view of yourself can and does reflect externally over time. Once you realize you are not who you believe others see you, it is a humbling experience. You learn what is truly honest about yourself, how the world views you (studying recent and long past interactions with others), and what requires needed attention and correction.

    Your team views you a certain way, and it is more than likely is very different from your perspective. Often we think we know more than we do, are uniquely qualified for specific tasks and assignments (this is out of limited confidence in others), and that your emotional intelligence is constantly on display. Humans have these traits, and it is the most successful leaders that understand this and work consistently on self-improvement in all areas of life.

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