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  • Amit Banerjee
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    Nonprofits need to have a strong social media presence. There are so many times that I learn about a new nonprofit because someone shared a picture of them volunteering with the organization on Instagram and tagged them. I followed the tag and ended up on their website.

    The nonprofit world relies heavily on word-of-mouth, and social media is one of the best ways to send a message through the grapevine. If a nonprofit hasn’t allocated a significant portion of their marketing budget to social media, they should likely re-evaluate their expenses.

    Sandy Birkenmaier
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    Be sure to read Joshua Adams’ blog post on branding and marketing your nonprofit here:, and learn its importance in attracting donors and revenue so that you can do what you do, and in providing outreach to those in need. This article originally appeared in Issue #10 of Nonprofit Performance Magazine. If you had been subscribed to the magazine, you would have been able to read the article long ago and have been making use of the techniques Joshua recommends. This is good stuff, folks!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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