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A Sustainable Not-For-Profit Financial Model with Steve Merager

A Not-for-Profit Financial System
with Steve Merager

Steve Merager

Steve Merager has twenty-eight years in the financial services industry and now provides sophisticated services to small- and medium-sized businesses as a fractional CFO.

Steve has managed the budget of a nine billion dollar bond project, was the lead financial manager of the pilot program for what is now the country’s largest student loan program, regularly helps businesses with their pre-IPO requirements, finds profit opportunities for clients and helps organizations find solid ground for their work.

Steve believes that true clarity for a business leader happens when a company’s books tell the same story in numbers that the leadership tells in words. If there is a divergence between the two, all of the reporting that would otherwise provide guidance instead creates confusion.

Greater profits and peace of mind are available and Merager Financial Solutions is the trusted resource to make that happen.

For more information about Steve Here https://www.meragerfinancialsolutions.com


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