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Hugh Ballou – Why I Established SynerVision Leadership Foundation

Hugh Ballou

  Hugh Ballou


Empowering leaders is my passion. Creating high-performing communities is my calling. Having served in church music ministry for 40 years, I understand how organizational leadership works, and I certainly know how to create high-functioning communities. In music, we use the term ensemble to describe this higher functioning standard. Highly competent musicians add to their skill set by co-creating the synergy of ensemble, in which members of the culture respond to each other in ways that the leader can’t dictate. The leader inspires and influences this creation of ensemble and creates space for it to occur.

In non-musical situations, I have labeled this process as creating A New Architecture of Engagement(TM). Effective leaders create effective cultures. The top challenge for charities of all types today is leadership burnout. In studies conducted by the Meyer Foundation, 45% of nonprofit executives are facing burnout and 75% are looking at the door for an exit. The next issues are low-functioning boards and staff, and then lack of sufficient revenue to fully achieve the organization’s mission.

Each church I served over the years had a counseling center. People could receive the therapy they needed whether or not they could afford it. The church’s budget supported the difference. I have established my organization in order to offer smaller charities high-level resources and prices that fit their budget. It’s time to change the model.

SynerVision® Leadership Foundation provides a pathway of enlightened engagement for organizations seeking transformation. SVLF helps congregations, nonprofits, and communities that feel lost and uncertain, battered, and dispirited seek ways to serve well and respond to the tide of global change. These seekers look with dismay at the unproductive previous attempts they have made at organizational change and improvement. Consultants, seminars and books have promised much to these searching communities and delivered little more than reworked methods from times now long past. Indeed, we are in a time when methods and manuals, quick fixes and weekend seminars do not provide lasting transformation.

If the social benefit organizations of our world are to serve in a transformed global context, they must find their way to transformation as a way of being. SVLF’s mission is to provide opportunities and experiences for searching congregations, nonprofits, and communities to discover and bring forth the gift of spirit that lives deep within, within church and synagogue leaders, within congregations, within nonprofits. It is SVLF’s experience that, once in relationship with that redemptive spark, congregations and communities, groups and organizations, can better find their way and can better enact change as a response to spiritful decision-making, a decision-making that realizes the fullness of spirit where once there was only a feeling of scarcity. If we believe that we are what we do not have (money, resources, engaged leadership, effective teams), instead of what we have in abundance (the fullness of spirit), and that is a predominant paradigm in our culture today, we are lost and will stay lost in a wilderness of our own making.

Our team of WayFinders is equipped and ready to work with organizations and to train others in our proprietary content and methodology. Our online “Community for Community Builders” has endless resources for leaders. Our programs and seminars are available to everyone. Join this movement and make a difference with us.

Building High Performance teams: Systems and Structures for Empowering Transformation
Hugh Ballou, The Transformational Leadership Strategist™, works with visionary CEOs, pastors, and nonprofit leaders and teams to develop a purpose-driven high-performance collaboration culture, significantly increasing productivity, profits, and job satisfaction through dramatically decreasing confusion, conflicts, and under-functioning. Hugh employs the leadership skills of the conductor in teaching relevant leadership skills and showing leaders how to create a high-performance culture that responds to the nuances of the leader, as skilled orchestras responded to his musical direction for 40 years. www.synervisionleadership.org

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As the famous British Composer and Conductor Ralph Vaughan Williams once said, “Music does not reveal all of its secrets to just one person.” If you replace the word “Music” with the word “Leadership” or “Team” or “Strategy” etc., then we all give and receive value from others. That’s the spirit of the Tuesday afternoon Nonprofit Exchange encounters, sponsored by SynerVision Leadership Foundation’sCommunity for Community Builders.”

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