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Getting the Most Value from Interns with Marc Propst

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How to Get Maximum Value with Intern Engagements

Marc PropstMarc Propst is a Senior at the University of Lynchburg (Lynchburg, VA), graduating with a Bachelor’s in Political Science. In the short time frame that Marc has been a college student, he has had many different internship experiences with Non-Profits from different industries. Marc is currently the project management intern at the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance, a 5-star accredited Chamber of Commerce & Economic Development Center. Marc is also the Deputy Executive Director and Executive Council Member of the Non-Profit, Spectrum Arts Society. Marc is also a co-founder of the Office of Equity & Inclusion at the University of Lynchburg. The Office is aimed at providing Diversity & Inclusion efforts for the University. Creating this office helps to foster community and an inclusive environment allows for all members of the University, from students to alumni & friends. A life goal that Marc has is to be President of the United States, to help even more people.

College students are the future of the workforce, whether it will be in the For-Profit area or Non-Profit area. These students could be in charge of your organization. Help them to connect with others in the community, bring them to events, expose them to amazing opportunities that the world has to offer. You can help shape our future to become better leaders, thinkers, and advocates. Take the time to invest in the future because you were one of us too.