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Leadership Excellence Summit

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Nonprofit Leadership Excellence Summit

SynerVision Nonprofit Leadership Excellence Summit


The Leadership Summit Purpose

The Unmet Need in the Tax-Exempt and NGO Sectors

The tax-exempt world is currently facing three key interconnected challenges: insufficient organizational development expertise, insufficient funding to pay for getting the expertise, and sponsor dissatisfaction with how their donations are being utilized.

Expertise: The two key sources of organizational development expertise are presenters and consultants. Most presenters are long on inspiration and philosophy and short on skills development and implementation. Most consultants do the heavy lifting without teaching the organization how to fish for themselves. What tax-exempt organizations most need are trainers with corporate-level expertise. Experts who train key team members in pragmatic processes and accompanying skills that enables the tax-exempt organization to effectively and sustain ably fish for itself.

Funding: The challenge tax-exempt organizations face is that the cost of retaining this quality of top-flight trainer generally exceeds what they can afford.

Donor Dissatisfaction: Increasing numbers of corporate sponsors are increasingly frustrated as the tax-exempt organizations they support ineffectively utilize the funds provided.

The SynerVision Solution

The SynerVision Leadership Foundation (SVLF) solves these problems for both tax-exempt organizations and their donors. The Foundation provides cream-of-the-crop corporate trainers who teach tax-exempt organizations and NGOs the business skills they need to utilize the funds their sponsors and donors gift to them in the most cost-effective productive ways possible.

This expertise is provided through world-class training conferences supplemented by scalable programs for individual tax-exempts that need customized value-added resources beyond what the training conferences provide.

This approach is made possible by filling the gap between the cost of the resources SVLF provides and the fees that faith-based institutions, nonprofits and NGOs are capable of paying for them. This gap is filled through SVLFís corporate sponsorships and endowment.

This one-of-a-kind model enables tax-exempt organizations to access world-class expertise that they couldnít otherwise afford, while giving sponsors and donors a huge boost in confidence that their funds are being used effectively.

SVLF seeks corporate sponsors and philanthropic donors who recognize the vital importance of a fully functional tax-exempt sector and want to make it possible for those organizations to avail themselves of the necessary levels of expertise that they do not have the budget to fully afford on their own.

The Nonprofit Leadership Excellence Summit Outcomes

This high impact summit will consist of fully scheduled interactive sessions with a focus on quality and a reasonable pace to provide energy. These summits will be a combination of world-class presenters and cutting edge content. The programs are designed to provide compelling reasons for church and nonprofit social benefit organization leaders, board members, key staff, and principle volunteers to participate and have ongoing engagement in the summit series.

The convergence of business and social benefit sectors, an emerging global phenomenon, will fuel the drive for competence in social entrepreneurship. Generally the desired outcomes for the sessions are as follows:

T-Talks: to inspire new thinking and response to social change, and to create energy for transformational action.

Workshop Sessions: to provide strategies, tools, and applications relevant to the inspiration from the T-Talks providing ways to apply the principles and strategies in a variety of situations ñ this is the ìHow Toî to go with the ìWhat.î These sessions provide a pathway and confidence needed for the transformation.

Networking Sessions ñ to connect like-minded individuals to share best practices and to develop mastermind type groups to continue the learning process and to provide a wide range of support, especially for those SBOs with a great vision, but not many resources.


The WayFinders, a body of leading thinker-practitioners, will provide principle leadership for the SVLF Summit. The WayFinders all have the experience and skills to execute this innovative convening. Each has a contact base of NPO and church leaders that will bring energy in significant numbers to the summits. Once the concept is proven, then the leadership can be expanded to facilitate growth of the concept and to provide a variety of content and presenters. A list of the WayFinders is found at: http://synervisionfoundation.org/who-we-are/ and are included in Appendix I.

With a core group of skilled presenters the events can be replicated easily in major American and international cities. The goal is to develop the maximum impact event and then duplicate it in many markets.

Sponsor Benefits

  • Exposure to professional representatives from various verticals
  • Enhance the reputation and philanthropic profile of your corporation
  • Itís a place where contacts are made and where business gets done
  • Itís an event of substance: a gathering of top level management of the organizations
  • Itís an opportunity to interact with corporate business leaders who are decision makers
  • The sponsorship packages will create a year-round advantage, offering value far beyond the actual event itself
  • The marketing campaign is extensive and very targeted


SynerVision Leadership Foundation (SVLF) will creates an interactive educational and networking event for church and nonprofit social benefit organization leadership to develop and expand abilities and relationships. The goal is to provide skill development and organizational development in a peer-to-peer setting directed by an experienced faculty. It is an intensive focused program of presentations, workshops, and collaborative problem solving.

These educational summits will be replicated throughout the United States in regional hubs easily accessible by air, rail, and car. The typical design would be a Thursday and Friday event allowing church leaders to return to work on Sunday.

These summits will consist of the following components

  1. Plenary Sessions called ìT-Talksî (Transformation Talks) will be modeled after the high quality, impact TED Talks. The presenters will be the best in their fields and designed to provide concise, innovative, 18-minute talks presenting new ideas on topics relevant to SBOs. These talks will be original material never presented before, presentations that challenge participants to think differently.
  2. Workshop Sessions called ìTransformation in Motionî which will be an information packed 90-minute interactive session with practical tools and implementation strategies based on the principles provided in the ìT-Talkî on the same topic.
  3. Peer-to-Peer Networking Sessions designed to share best practices and resources with other attendees. Several networking sessions will be designed by job description, type of organization, and topic. Networking sessions will also be in the form of facilitate focus groups as “learning circles” addressing a specific topic, issue, or problem.

This three-step format will be repeated three times during a typical summit. Some events might also include a keynote speaker with a 60 to 90-minute keynote presentation.


The target demographic for the SVLF Leadership Excellence Summit consists of the following types of organizations:

  • Religious Organizations: Churches and Synagogues
  • Nonprofit Social Benefit Organizations: any 501 (c)(3) organization
  • Community Foundations
  • Educational Institutions
  • Nonprofit membership organizations
  • Religious Judicatories: Conference, Presbytery, etc.
  • Other nonprofit organizations

Within those organizations the following people would be targeted for participation:

  • Pastor or Rabbi
  • Board Chair
  • Nonprofit Executive Director
  • CFO
  • CEO
  • Head of Human Resources
  • Head of Marketing
  • President or Headmaster of Educational Institution
  • Church Lay Leader
  • Judicatory Leaders and District Lay Leaders

Others targeted include:

  • Business leaders with a focus and mission on social entrepreneurial enterprises
  • Business leaders on nonprofit and religious boards

Age and social groups to address:

  • The ìBoomerî generation who are retiring and sometimes looking for volunteer positions of leadership in the nonprofit arena
  • The ìMillennialî generation ñ emerging new leaders

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