Unleashing Digital Innovation to Solve Society’s Biggest Problems

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Unleashing Digital Innovation to Solve Society’s Biggest Problems: Interview with Linc Kroeger

The tech talent shortage gap is the widest in my 35 years – and growing. How
do we turn this around and include everyone in the prosperity?

  • Strategies to address the skyrocketing costs of college and the lower college
    attendance rates of minority and rural populations
  • Unleashing digital innovation to solve society’s biggest problems
  • Why does Knight Moves appeal to Native American communities?
  • Why foundations, nonprofits, and federal grants aren’t making a meaningful
  • impact to advance racial and place equity
  • How is Knight Moves unique from traditional code camps?
Linc Kroeger

Linc Kroeger

Linc Kroeger is the President of Knight Moves, a limiting profit company creating the next generation of elite technology professionals through extensive training in technology disciplines, with an intentional focus on including Native American, rural, and urban underserved communities.

Linc’s passion for fighting social inequality led him to leverage his 35 years of enterprise technology experience to create a creative solution to help level the playing field while delivering technology solutions for the world’s most important causes.
Linc served on the Technology Association of Iowa board for three years. He was assigned by Governor Kim Reynolds to her Empower Rural Iowa Task Force and has been identified as “the most innovative leader on bringing tech jobs to rural in the nation” by U.S. Congress member Ro Khanna representing Silicon Valley. He has also been recognized as “Top National Rural Influencer” by The Ruralist and was the USDA Rural Prosperity Tour keynote speaker

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