Introducing the SynerVision Community

A Unique Community Just for You the Nonprofit Leader

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Why Should You Join This Special Community?

You Will…

  • Grow your skills

  • Network with peers

  • Learn from experts

  • Build a strong nonprofit

  • Know what to do next 

If you’re frustrated and uncertain about everything you’re faced with…

     …The Solution Is Close

SynerVision Community

What You Get With Your Exclusive Membership

There are never-ending resources

Unique Learning Opportunities

Our leader and team learning systems include many resources delivered in a variety of ways to match your unique learning style and preferences. In our extensive knowledge vault, members have access to everything. These include the following:

  • Private Livestream Presentations on Relevant Topic with Unlimited Viewing
  • Live Workshops for Leaders and For Leaders and Teams
  • Downloadable Action Guides for Each Event with Templates and Applications
  • Live weekly Q & A with Hugh Ballou
  • Facilitated Group Learning Cohort Sessions

And much more, all targeted to your ability level and the stage of development for your nonprofit or religious institution. Start where you are and move to where you want to be with support along the way.

Here’s A Sample of Your Learning Choices

Become a Better Leader

  • Grow Your Leadership Skills
  • Discover and Unlock Potential
  • Learn About Your Unique Style of Leading
  • Learn Systems for Building a High Functioning Culture

Empower Your Board, Staff, and Volunteers

  • Finding and Empowering the Right People in the Right Roles
  • Developing Effective Systems for Leading – Killer Meetings
  • Managing and Reducing Conflict 
  • Preventing Your Own Leader Burnout with Delegation Skills

Create the Board of Your Dreams

  • How to Attract the Best People
  • How to Create a Culture of High Performance and Enjoyment
  • How to Define Roles and Responsibility for Each Member
  • How to Connect Board Members to Funds Sourcing

Taking the Pain Out of Planning

  • Utilizing Board and Staff to Create and Own a Strategic Plan
  • Creating Committees and Project Teams with Commitment
  • Minimizing the Work Load for all with Collaboration
  • Composing Goals that Actually Work

Take the Mystery Out of Fundraising

  • Attract Recurring Revenue from 8 Different Streams
  • Take the Fear Out of Capital Presentations
  • How to Create Funding Documents for Each Source
  • How to Keep Donors Donating

Building Awareness for Your Organization

  • Clarify Your Brand and Bring Attention to Your Results
  • Creating a Waiting List for Volunteers, Board, and Advisors
  • Crafting and Telling Your Story that Drives Engagement and Action
  • Creating a Responsive Email List and Social Media Presence

Creating a Legacy

  • Build an Endowment Fund for Ongoing Support
  • Creating a Succession Plan
  • Installing Business Systems that Drive Recurring Revenue
  • Hiring Those Who Support and Maintain Your Vision

The SynerVision Team of Experts

Coaches – Facilitators – Teachers – WayFinders

Hugh Ballou

 Hugh Ballou

Leadership & Strategy

Dr. David Gruder

      Dr. David Gruder

Organizational Culture

Russell Dennis

Russell Dennis

Funding & Compliance

Dr Jeff Magee

   Dr. Jeff Magee


Thyonne Gordon

Dr. Thyonne Gordon

Board Capacity-Building

Sherita Herring-Oglesby

Sherita Herring-Oglesby


Danna Olivo

Danna Olivo

Donor Retention

David Dunworth

David Dunworth


Bob Hopkins

Bob Hopkins


Kathleen Panning

Rev. Kathleen Panning

Clergy Leadership

Jeffrey Fulgham

Jeffrey Fulgham


Penny Zenker

Penny Zenker