Frequently Asked Questions

One of the most difficult and demanding area of leadership is in social benefit work called “nonprofit.” It’s sometime lonely and stressful. Having a community of people to connect with is the first benefit. Its good to be able to share ideas and challenges with people who have the same concerns and sometimes have a part of the answer you are missing…and you might have a part that’s missing for them. Connecting with other nonprofit leaders in a way that’s affirming and in a private and secure setting.

You will find opportunities to grow your skills and solve problems in a confidential and safe platform not available anywhere else. Presently the SynerVision Community offer the following: Forums for discussions; Articles in the form blog posts for learning and hearing stories of success; Webinars on specific topics for leaders, staff and board members; Nonprofit Performance 360 Magazine free in digital form; Podcasts and live interviews with major though leaders called The Nonprofit Exchange; Online Learning on specific topics many of which you might not realize are issues and a pathway to move through issues to success; and Live Events offered all over the US and streamed to interested leaders.

There are 3 membership levels as follows: Basic: no fee with access to free stuff and live interviews and the magazine viewed online; Leader: for $5 per month more articles and webinars are available as well as discounts on online programs with a downloadable digital copy of Nonprofit Performance 360 Magazine: Influencer: Full access to all site content and ability to request future content and programs and the Nonprofit Performance 360 Magazine is available in digital and print form for free. In addition, Influencer members have the opportunity to participate in live facilitated mastermind sessions with the SynerVision leaders on Thursdays at 3:00 ET. Influencers can participate in leadership forum discussions and live chat sessions.