Self-Study Courses

Study alone at you own pace

5 Pillars to Success

Building the 5 Pillars of a Successful Business or Nonprofit

Discover the 5 essential elements for building a sustainable, profitable enterprise in just 5, easy to review lessons in only minutes at a time. The impact on your future will be priceless.

31 Days to Becoming a Better Leader Action Guide

31 Days to Becoming a Better Leader Action Guide

Full transcript of the podcast lessons with action items and planning templates for each lesson. Truly a comprehensive short course on leadership for any profession.

Transforming Power

Transforming Power: The Fast Track to Nonprofit Leadership Excellence

Personal growth is the objective of the total program and the format for the first lesson starts the journey. This leadership program is delivered in PDF format for downloading to create on ongoing notebook that will serve as a life-long leadership resource. Each lesson is also delivered in audio as an .mp3 file. Each lesson has actions.

Transformational Leadership Accelerator

The Transformational Leadership Accelerator: The Fast Track to Leadership Excellence

This “Basics of Leadership” program is for business leaders in a start-up or mature business wanting to grow their skills, build effective teams, and increase effectiveness creating better bottom-line profits. A “must have” program for business leaders from small businesses to multi-national corporations.

Unbound Leader

The Unbound Leader: Unlocking Your Inner Potential to Convert Dreams to Income

In the start-to-finish comprehensive guide to running a successful business or nonprofit organization. Subscribers get video and audio versions of each lesson and a printable PDF to make a leadership notebook to support business development for a lifetime. The first 4 lessons make up the first of 6 modules. This module is titled, “Four Week to Revenue.” Each lesson has immediately implementable tools and strategies for success.

Build High Performing Teams

Transform Your Committees (and Staff) Into High Performance Teams…in Just 21 Days

Three Versions: Church, Nonprofit, Business

All leaders are challenged with empowering and motiving teams, whether the teams are paid staff or volunteers. The same principles apply. This popular mini-course is easily accessible, practical, and immediately implementable. There are three versions of this time-honored and valuable program – one for church or synagogue leaders, another for nonprofit leaders, and also a version for business leaders. Click on the button below that fits your situation.

In the SynerVision Online Community for nonprofit leaders and clergy you will:

  • Grow you skills
  • Network with peers
  • Learn from experts
  • Learn how to engage board and volunteers
  • Build a strong organization that will attract revenue

This is your all-in-one solution.