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Nonprofit Performance Magazine

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Nonprofit Performance 360 Magazine has readers that include those in community organizations, purpose-driven charities, religious institutions, educational institutions, and government-funded programs and more. These leaders are seeking new ideas for leadership that will help equip them for the powerful work needed in the social benefit sector we represent. Our leadership makes a difference.

Featured Personality: someone with wide name recognition whose work exemplifies the theme of the issue
Member Engagement: getting and keeping members involved with the cause
Design Corner: how the visual impacts our work
Nonprofits that Work: case study of a successful lesser-known nonprofit
Board Relations: keeping the board of directors enthusiastic and involved with the cause
Strategy: putting a strategic plan, that delivers the vision and mission, in effect and sticking with it
Executive Office: tools and systems to move beyond traditional thinking
Academic Desk: discussion of research and resources
Stewardship: managing resources of people, time, money, etc.
Team Building: improving cohesiveness in staff, volunteers, boards, and committees
Clergy View: specific leadership concerns for those in religious fields

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