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Transforming leaders Transforming organizations Transforming lives

Guiding ever-more successful nonprofits transforming lives and building legacies

End-to-End Systems

Integrating strategy into performance with seamless systems and proprietary tools.

SynerVision Leadership Foundation provides a pathway of enlightened engagement for organizations seeking transformation. We assist nonprofits, congregations, and communities seeking ways to serve well and respond to the tide of global change who feel lost and uncertain, battered and dispirited. These seekers look with dismay at the unproductive previous attempts they have made at organizational change and improvement. Consultants, seminars and books have promised much to these searching communities and delivered little more than reworked methods from times now long past. Indeed, we are in a time when methods and manuals, quick fixes and weekend seminars do not provide lasting transformation.

Strategic Planning

Success starts with defining the future and then creating the pathway to making it happen. None of us can do this alone.

Fundraising Coaching

Having all the factors in alignment is crucial to attracting sustainable, recurring revenue sufficient to fully achieve your mission.

Board Development

If your board is not functioning up to your expectations (or theirs either) there is a solution within your grasp.

Best solutions

Real-life strategy to reach your goals.

Our expertise comes from our decades of experience the real situations. It’s not just theory, but proven systems with relevant tools.

  • Work at your own pace with assistance personally or in a group or work independly.

  • Start from where you are and go to where you want to be with your leadership skills, your team effectiveness, and your funding.

  • Find your inner potential and your blind spots without fault and empower yourself to the success you deserve.

There are many ways to engage with us.

Choose your pathway for continuing growth as an effective leader.

Basic Community



Network with peers in nonprofit and faith communities.

What’s Included

Free & Safe Community Portal
Share Ideas and Get Ideas
Post Images and Articles
Find Like-Minded Leaders

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Influencer Membership


per month

Accelerate your personal growth with personal interactions.

What’s Included

Over $300 of Instant Resources
Optional Weekly Q & A Sessions
Monthly Mastermind Groups
Monthly Workshops

Group Learning

Prices Vary

different program lengths

Programs for leadership, fundraising, board development and more.

What’s Included

Each Program Includes:
Curriculum to Keep
Group Coaching Session
Review of Your Status

Personal Coaching

Prices Vary

fits your needs

Coaching for leadership, strategy, team, funding, and more.

What’s Included

Designed for Your Needs
Regularly Scheduled Session
You Choose Scope and Length
Focused to Meet Your Goals

Trusted by 2000+ leaders across the globe

Best solutions

Let’s work on your project together

Let us help you to achieve the goals of your dreams!

What are your biggest challenges and how can you turn obstacles into opportunities?

What do you struggle with the most?

Strategic Planning
Board Engagement
Financial Security

Resources to Fit Your Needs

We have abundant resources to match your situation.

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The Nonprofit Exchange
The Nonprofit Exchange
Leadership Compass
Leadership Articles
31 Days to Becoming a Better Leader
Becoming a Better Leader
Online Learning
Online Learning
SynerVision Community Membership
Community for Nonprofit Leaders
Self Sufficiency
Creating Self-Sufficiency
Unleash Your Potential
Best solutions

Let’s work on your project together

Our work is always in sync with your vision and passion

SynerVision Leadership Foundation does not do the work of feeding, housing, or caring for people, however, we assist those working in communities to have greater impact on the people they serve who need it most.

Real-life results

Testimonies about the work of
SynerVision Leadership Foundation.

Dr. Sundiata Morris, DPB & Dr. Lumumba Quo, DPB

I was always excited about the information that came from SynerVision and I was more excited to know how you broke it down with data for us to take with us.

Lumumba & Sundiata

The Barbers, Nonprofit Founders

Gerri Kier, Nonprofit Founder

I was at the Symposium in Denver and Hugh gave me great ideas about how to work with my board. I had no idea that I was going to get workable tools  and actually implement them immediately.

Gerri Kier, Nonprofit Founder

Lynn Sanders, Storytelling Coach

I joined the Synervision Nonprofit Leadership Cohort community when it started and have built relationships and built my network. Hugh’s “vault” of information is a valuable resource for any nonprofit leader or consultant.

Lynn Sanders

Lynn Sanders, Storytelling Coach

Jessica Arrington, Nonprofit Leader

I joined the SynerVision community to build connections with innovative leaders all across the globe that last a lifetime. Hugh Ballou provides powerful sessions that provide value and insight. The benefits are incredible

Jessica Arrington

Jessica Arlington, Nonprofit Leader