SynerVision Transforms Leaders Who Transform Congregations, Nonprofits, & Communities

SynerVision Leadership Foundation provides a pathway of enlightened engagement for organizations seeking transformation. SVLF helps congregations, nonprofits, and communities seeking ways to serve well and respond to the tide of global change who feel lost and uncertain, battered and dispirited. These seekers look with dismay at the unproductive previous attempts they have made at organizational change and improvement. Consultants, seminars and books have promised much to these searching communities and delivered little more than reworked methods from times now long past. Indeed, we are in a time when methods and manuals, quick fixes and weekend seminars do not provide lasting transformation.


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Arnon Shafir – Do-Good Science Meets Do No Evil

Arnon Shafir describes how limits on time and donation size increase fundraising by making donors see that every donation is critical.

Russell Dennis

Russell Dennis – Harnessing the Power of Trusted Advisors

Russell Dennis discusses the importance of being clear on what you’re trying to accomplish, and then acting on good advice offered to you.

Frances Hesselbein – Be an Opener of Doors

Frances Hesselbein discusses opening doors to inspire, develop, and reward accomplished student leaders to meet tomorrow’s challenges.


20sep8:30 am4:30 pmLeadership Empowerment Symposium - Orlando, Florida