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We are born with leadership skills. We must learn to be leaders. We also must unlearn much of what we have been taught.


Non Micromanaging

Hugh Ballou is The Transformational Leadership StrategistTM. In his work with nonprofit leaders and corporate executives for 33+ years applying his unique transformational leadership concepts, he has developed comprehensive systems and strategies for empowering leadership leading social change His books, e-Books, online programs and live presentations have impact on leaders worldwide with his unique and proprietary leadership methodology that integrates strategy with performance unlike the traditional consultant model.

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  • He works as executive coach with individual clients wanting to raise the bar on their competencies.

  • He works with leaders and teams in planning, coach training, strategy implementation, and managing conflict.

  • He works with project teams defining, planning, and creating action plans for implementation.

Managing and Preventing Leader Burnout

Leader burnout is a national crisis!

Learn the top 10 reasons for burnout and get solutions for the top 5. Watch the free workshop replay to reverse or prevent leader burnout.

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Raising the bar on board, staff, and board engagement while lowering conflict.

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Strategic Planning

Learn our proprietary systems for building and implementing the essential strategies for success.


Creating and maintaining 8 streams of regular, recurring revenue.