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Our level of success depends on the level of team performance. The better team performs, the higher the achievements and the higher their satisfaction.


Empowers Teams

The origin of SynerVision® was derived as contraction of the two words “Synergy” and “Vision.” It’s intended to identify what we know in music as “Ensemble” in that the culture raises the bar on it’s own performance lead by the leader as a conductor leads a symphony orchestra or choir.

Building high performing teams as nonprofit and faith leaders is our primary responsibility as leaders. We define the vision. We articulate the vision. We create the pathway for implementation with the strategic plan. The team of board, staff, volunteers, etc. then have an engagement system for achieving the organization’s mission.

High performing leaders build and lead high performing teams.

  • High performing teams are fully engaged in implementation of the strategy they were a part of creating.

  • High performing teams focus on outcomes and learn to work by creating consensus.

  • High performing teams are accountable to each other. Duties and assignments are both independent and interdependent.

Managing Team Conflict

View our free workshop replay to learn more about managing conflict.

Building and maintaining high-performing cultures depends on the leader’s ability to manage conflict. Watch the workshop and download 2 useful documents that will change your life.

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