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We assist you in defining and implementing 8 streams of recurring revenue

Get away from spending your time and effort raising enough for current needs, create a long-term funding plan and strategies to attract consistently recurring revenue.


Everyone Benfits

The most consistent complaint from many nonprofit leaders and board members is about approaching donors for money. Leaders feel awkward in approaching potential donors and talking about money as if it were a taboo topic.

Learn from SynerVision Leadership Foundations systems and strategies about how to cultivate relationships with potential donors, how to talk about the impact of donations, how to determine if your work is a good match for the donor’s passion, and how to stay in tough with donors so they continue to support your work.

Learn how to celebrate with the donor the joy they get from supporting your work and impacting lives.

  • Move away from “Asking for money” to providing an opportunity for donors to support a worthy project.

  • Understand what a donor is interested in supporting and then determine if your organization’s work fit’s that interest.

  • Learn how to present and how to tailor your presentation for a specific donor.

Fundraising Success

Our consultation is always in sync with your values

Watch the episode of The Nonprofit Exchange, “Ensuring Nonprofit Fundability: Interview with Jeffrey Fulgham, CFRE” for information and encouragement.

Our services

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