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We guide you and your team from preparation to implementation.

The planning process, which many consider painful, confusing, unnecessary, and time consuming, can be fulfilling, enlightening, and engaging for the entire team. The clarity and buy-in from each participant the the by-product of the planning process and maybe the most important,.


Brings High Team Engagement

Often misunderstood as a frivolous and unnecessary activity only done by top leadership, strategic planning is a wholistic process of active engagement by the organization’s leader, full board of directors, and major stakeholders. Basically, the planners are the doers. The planning process is indeed a process for building consensus and buy-in with all participants and establishes a peer-to-peer accountability not achieved in any other way.

The SynerVision team, guided by Hugh Ballou’s 34+ years of experience, uses his proprietary “Solution Map” system to define where the organization want to be at a specific point in the future, and then define the pathway to achieve those defined results.

  • A completed strategy provides clarity for board, staff, and committees to be fully engaged.

  • Supporters are able to understand and value the work of the organization and can then prioritize funding.

  • With the clarity and discovery of the strategic planning process, leaders understand what competencies are needed, what initiatives to prioritize, what activities and systems are not necessary, and free up their time for the most important activities.


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