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SynerVision Events

The SynerVision Leadership Foundation’s Leadership Empowerment Symposium is a one-day intensive workshop for you to learn the skills to stand up or grow your nonprofit, recruit the right board and volunteers, create a winning strategy, and attract donors to support your mission. The Symposium events are offered quarterly in cities around the US.

This one-day intensive session is designed to connect Transformational Leadership as a culture of high performance. Organizational impact is a result of leadership.

Events for 2020 will be announced soon. Register below for our list to get notified when these are scheduled.

Leadership is a culture and not a training program.

Event attendees will:

  • Learn how to create a plan that attracts donors, board members, and volunteers
  • Learn how to delegate and manage time to gain control over the calendar and prevent leader burnout
  • Develop templates for capital presentations that get results
  • Learn how to recruit and empower board members and volunteers


SynerVision offers monthly webinars on topics nonprofit leaders find challenging and sometimes limiting their success. Previous and future topics:

Currently Available Mini-Webinars on Demand

Future Mini-Webinars

  • Reframing Meetings from Team Killers to Team Activators: Hugh’s 10 Tips for Conducting Power-Packed Meetings
  • Strategic Planning: Your Roadmap to Success
  • Building the Ultimate BOD – Leadership That Gets Results
  • Create Win-Win-Win Organizations – Assessments and Surveys That Zero In on the Gold
  • Servant Leaders; Your Secret Weapon! How to Find Them, Develop Them, and Keep Them
  • Power to the Tribe! The Right People in the Right Places – Creating Raving Fans Inside and Around Your Organization
  • Give the People What They Want! – Powerful Service Delivery
  • As Good as Money in the Bank! – Leveraging the Power of In-Kind Services
  • How to Build High Powered Value for Value Partnerships – Sponsorships Done the Right Way
  • How to Conduct Effective Outreach – Winning Hearts and Minds for Your Cause
  • Mastering the Art and Science of Fundraising – Fuel Your Impact Vehicles for the Long Haul!
  • How to Build an Economic Freedom Engine – Donor Attraction, Retention, and Growth
  • Firing Up the Perfect Relationship Generator – Build Relationships Running Successful Events

Member Exclusive Weekly “Office Hours” with Hugh and the SynerVision Team

Members of the exclusive SynerVision Community for Community Builders have weekly access to Hugh Ballou and the SynerVision team of experts for a mini-training and Q & A session. Join the community with a $1 trial and see what resources this unlocks for you.

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