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Our Live Events
1) Leadership Empowerment Symposium (details below)
2) Leadership Excellence Summit (coming in 2020)

The SynerVision Leadership Foundation’s Leadership Empowerment Symposium is a one-day intensive workshop for you to learn the skills to stand up or grow your nonprofit, recruit the right board and volunteers, create a winning strategy, and attract donors to support your mission.

This one-day intensive session is designed to connect Transformational Leadership as a culture of high performance. Organizational impact is a result of leadership.

Leadership is a culture and not a training program.

Event attendees will:

  • Learn how to create a plan that attracts donors, board members, and volunteers

  • Learn how to delegate and manage time to gain control over the calendar and prevent leader burnout

  • Develop templates for capital presentations that get results

  • Learn how to recruit and empower board members and volunteers