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You are invited to submit an article for Nonprofit Professional Performance 360 Magazine and our blog roll. The magazine is published 3-4 times annually, and the blog roll is constantly adding new content of interest to nonprofit leaders. Our readers include those in community charities, purpose-driven charities, religious institutions, educational institutions, and government-funded programs. Readers are seeking new ideas for leadership that will help equip them for the powerful work needed in the social benefit sector we represent. Our leadership makes a difference.

Articles should be submitted to our editorial team by email at


Recurring topics for articles:

Featured Personality: someone with wide name recognition whose work exemplifies the theme of the issue
Member Engagement: getting and keeping members involved with the cause

Design Corner: how the visual impacts our work
Nonprofits that Work: case study of a successful lesser-known nonprofit
Board Relations: keeping the board of directors enthusiastic and involved with the cause
Strategy: putting a strategic plan, that delivers the vision and mission, in effect and sticking with it
Executive Office: tools and systems to move beyond traditional thinking
Academic Desk: discussion of research and resources
Stewardship: managing resources of people, time, money, etc.
Team Building: improving cohesiveness in staff, volunteers, boards, and committees

Our Next Theme: Transitions

Future Themes:

Volume 4, Number 3: “The Boardroom”
The fundraiser? The dead weight? The network developer? The one who never makes it to a meeting? The program advocate? The naysayer? What are the archetypes of board members that are present in your nonprofit?
One of the greatest opportunities and hardest challenges of the nonprofit sector is found in the boardroom. In this issue of Nonprofit Performance Magazine, we examine the importance of recruiting and engaging a strong, active board of directors for the success of a nonprofit. Pouring value into the development of an active, focused board might be the most important thing that your organization could ever do. So how does your process look? Deadline, October 31, 2017


Volume 4, Number 4: “Social Media”
Remember the days when the PSA was the only opportunity that most nonprofits had to get a message out to the public? Not so today, with the rise of social media. So what is your strategy for growing and engaging your following?
In this issue of Nonprofit Performance Magazine, we get insight from the social media influencers and organizations that have failed and flourished on their way to engaging their communities for good. Deadline, January 31, 2017


Volume 5, Number 1: “Public-Private Partnerships”
What happens when your corporate sponsors begin to grow weary in their funding? Pitching for donations in an ever-growing crowd of nonprofits isn’t easy. Isn’t there a better way to fund your budget?
In this issue of Nonprofit Performance Magazine, we examine the rise of the partnership between nonprofits and for-profits in working to tackle the issues of our community. Deadline, April 31, 2018


Here are our guidelines for submissions:

  1. Please include a brief personal biography with your article. This may include information on reaching you (e.g., website, email address, Twitter address). Please include your mailing address so that we can send you a copy of the completed magazine.
  2. Please send a high-definition headshot of yourself. This should be at least 150 dpi and the file size should be at least 150 KB. Right-clicking on the photo and choosing Properties will generally provide this information. You may also send a high-definition image file of your book cover, if applicable.
  3. You must send your text, photo, and any graphics as separate files. We cannot accept embedded photos and/or graphics or links to web pages.
  4. Your copy submissions must be sent as Microsoft Word file attachments (we prefer those) or in the body of an email. No other word processing programs or text files will be accepted.
  5. Acceptable formats for photos and graphics are JPEG/JPG, AI, EPS, or TIFF. PDFs cannot be accepted. Photos need to be free of any added text.
  6. One-page articles should be 650-700 words. Two-page articles should be 1300-1400 words. These limits include your biography, but do not include the article title or your name. If these limits are a challenge for you, we can edit your article down to the appropriate size.
  7. Please check and adhere to submission deadlines for appropriate issues. Feel free to submit articles for consideration for a future issue or for the blog roll.
  8. All submissions are subject to editing.

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