Addressing the Barriers Blocking the Success of Nonprofits


                      Leader Stress

The Key Issues

After spending 19 days in 10 cities with visionary leaders wanting to up their game and achieve more with the organizations they lead, I have heard the issues…they are mostly the same issues challenging nonprofit leaders and clergy all over the US.

Here are the top issues these leaders are facing:

  • Leader Burnout: Leaders are working too much, opening too much energy and time for too little pay and not about to get everything done.
  • Unsatisfactory Board Functioning: Some boards are working out better than others, however, none of the boards are functioning at a level that either the leader or the board members consider optional.
  • Gaps in Income: There were no organizations with representatives in attendance that were satisfied with their level and consistency of income. Lack of revenue was a challenge that compromised most of the organizations attending. This is also what I have experienced and my 30+ years of working with charities.
  • Boring, Unproductive Meetings: Everybody agreed that meetings were the biggest team killer and that nobody was happy with the process.

It’s Time for a Change

The Top Ten Reasons for Leader Burnout

There are many reasons for burnout. Hugh Ballou and Dr. David Gruder talk about what they have found and can relate to being the 10 top sources of job burnout.  I’m sure there is at least one that speaks to you.


Professional Assistance for Free.

Hugh Ballou and Dr David Gruder have over 18 years of experience in curing professional burnout. Here you get free advice that can immediately help you. Let Dr Gruder explain to you what he has found works with his patients and for himself.


Initial Strategy, Where to Start with the top 5.

We take a hard look at the top 5 reasons for burnout. Some you may not have thought of but Dr. Gruder has found these to be the most common. From there we look at strategies that help cure burnout in these areas.

The Why, What and How of Burnout

You will learn answers. We will talk about why you feel burned out at work. What are the causes? And How you can correct it.

The Top 10 Sources of Burnout and What to Do About Them

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