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Nonprofit and Business Collaboration: The Pathway to Community Impact

Kelli's focus is to teach business professionals how to develop a successful business based on “Relationship” Marketing. She specializes in educating and supporting professionals on how to GROW their business with relationships and the right referrals for their business. Kelli believes you can do better, smarter business through Relationship Marketing.

Working “ON” Your Business and not just “IN” Your Business

Being a small business owner puts you square in the crosshairs of finding yourself doing everything on any given day in order to make your business run successfully. So much so, that it has the ability to become all-consuming – either out of necessity to survive or just plain unplanned success. In both cases, seeing the forest for the trees often takes a back seat to sustaining your business and the chances for long-term success can be compromised.

The Power of Transformational Experiences with Tony Bodoh

We are moving from the Experience Economy into the Transformation Economy. People are now seeking much more than just a positive, memorable experience. They want a new self-identity. They want to be transformed. This is a significant opportunity for nonprofits to up-level how they communicate the transformational stories of those they serve.

Becoming a Successful Founder with Ryan Frederick

Many aspects of being a Founder, creating a product, and building a company are counter-intuitive. In The Founder's Manual, Ryan Frederick provides insights into how to deal with them. Ryan Frederick is a Founder and product person at heart. He has founded and grown several software and service companies from inception to viability, through to sustainability.

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