Design Your Personal Growth Plan

With the abundant resources in this exclusive online community for nonprofit leaders and clergy, you can actually design your own learning plan.

This is a reference page to connect you to the special content we have and are creating just for you. The WELCOME page and the OVERVIEW page give you links to navigating the other benefits of the community. This page is exclusively for your learning plan.

Here are the links to the topic pages which will lead you to the content you desire.

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Getting Ready for Your Journey

  • Where to start: Evaluating your status, defining your ultimate vision, assessing your skills, and committing to the journey – cut the confusion
  • How to establish a new enterprise: Starting up a new business as a for-profit or nonprofit the right way is key – learn the sequence
  • Learn Leadership – Leadership is the most searched term online, so why not take off your blinders and unlock your potential? – learn leadership
  • Templates for planning – Don’t reinvent the wheel


  • What is Leadership?
  • What is Transformational Leadership?
  • Resources for Personal Growth
  • Leader Self-Assessment

Culture of High Performance

  • Defining Your High-Functioning Culture
  • Finding the Right People
  • Learning Delegation
  • Managing and Preventing Burnout

Board, Staff, and Volunteers

  • Choosing, Qualifying, and Engaging Board Members
  • Setting Standards for Excellence
  • Creating Position Descriptions
  • Getting Buy-In and Follow-Through

Planning Guides and Templates

  • The Planners ARE the Doers: Engaging Board and Staff in Strategic Planning
  • Creating Project Teams and Committees
  • Composing Committee and Staff Goals
  • Collaboration to Eliminate Silos


  • Define Up to 8 Streams of Income and Assign Someone to Each
  • Create a Fundraising Plan
  • Create Presentations and Presenter Teams
  • Develop and Manage a Donor Communications System

Branding & Marketing

  • Define the Organization’s Brand
  • Illuminate Your Organization’s UVP
  • Connect Every Activity to the Brand
  • Create and Share Stories of Impact

Succession and Legacy Planning

  • Build an Endowment Fund for Ongoing Support
  • Create a Succession Plan
  • Install Business Systems that Drive Recurring Revenue
  • Hire Those Who Support and Maintain Your Vision

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