Documents for Board and Advisors

This page is for SVLF Board of Directors, Advisory Council Members, and Advisors-at-Large to get the latest updates and information about the work of the foundation. It is not a page offered to the public. The titles are hot links to the documents.

About SVLF

The Story of SVLF

My story of the founding of SynerVision.

SVLF Solution Map Update 2021

This is the SynerVision proprietary strategic planning template. The “Solution Map” is where we want to be and how we will get there. 

SVLF Advisor Update 2021

Advisors-at-Large and Advisory Council members will receive updated information quarterly.

SVLF One Page Summary

This is a summary document that outlines the philosophy of SynerVision Leadership Foundation.

SVLF Offerings 2022

These are programs, events, and services offered by or through SynerVision.

Funding Documents

SVLF Sponsor Overview

A basic overview of corporate sponsorship opportunities for companies to support the work of SynerVision while promoting their brand.

SVLF Sponsor Proposal 2021

A full sponsorship information document for major sponsor presentations.

SVLF Donor Presentation Scripts

Samples of what to say to your contact who might support our work.

SVLF Business Plan 2222015

Business plan from 2015


Presentation Documents

SynerVision Symposium Proposal

Sponsorship options.

Magazine Sponsorship Flyer 2021

PDF of a magazine sponsorship program that includes other properties

Nonprofit Performance 360 Magazine Rate Card

Rates for running ads in Nonprofit Performance 360 Magazine

SVLF Funding Pitch Deck PPT

PowerPoint Presentation Deck

SVLF Funding Pitch Deck PDF

Presentation Deck as PDF

SVLF-Case for Support with Appendix PDF

SVLF Case for Funding