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    • Collective Considerations: Branding and Marketing for Nonprofits
      Nonprofits are always looking for better ways to market themselves to two primary audiences: those who they provide services to and those who can support their mission. Sometimes their message is the same, but sometimes they need to craft a narrative that speaks to each group individually. Nonprofits also need to be able to develop cross-platform branding that establishes their identity regardless of the media they are using to market. How have you seen nonprofits successfully craft a message about their cause? Have you seen examples of charities reach only one market but miss out on another? What media outlets can nonprofit organizations utilize to carry their brand and their marketing materials?
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    • 2 years ago

      David J Dunworth

    • Community Engagement Collective Considerations: Membership Engagement Practices During COVID-19
      In a new normal, we are forced to find new alternatives for engaging with our communities. In-person interactions are extremely limited because of public health regulations, but it's imperative to continue cultivating relationships with the people our organizations serve. How have you found success in maintaining a connection with your membership bases? How have your staff been able to adapt to the new restrictions?
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    • 2 years ago

      David J Dunworth

    • Personal Growth Collective Considerations: Where does the nonprofit sector have room to grow?
      As more and more needs arise in communities around the globe, we see existing nonprofits expanding the services they provide and new nonprofits emerge if there are no organizations currently fulfilling those needs. However, there are many charities, foundations, and membership organizations that aren't realizing where they can grow and expand. Based on your experiences, how do you see the nonprofit sector growing in the years to come? What are the needs that nonprofits are failing to address now? What can nonprofits do to be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to community needs?
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    • 2 years ago

      Hugh Ballou

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