The Top 5 Money Blocks Leaders Experience and What to Do About Them

Watch our video.  Here is quick intro to what Hugh Ballou has found to solve ways leaders block funding for nonprofits. 


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​What are you going to learn in this video lesson about funding?

The Top 5 Ways Leaders Block Money

There are many reasons for lack of funding. Hugh Ballou talks about what he has found out himself and when he’s doing about it.  I’m sure there is at least one that speaks to you.


Professional Assistance for Free.

Hugh Ballou has over 32 years of experience in curing nonprofit leadership training.  Here you get free advice that can immediately help you. Let Hugh explain to you what he has found works with his clients and for himself. 

Initial Strategy: Where to Start with the top 5.

Hugh takes a hard look at the top 5 reasons for blocking money. Some you may not have thought of but Hugh has found these to be the most common. From there we look at strategies that help reverse the trend and begin attracting the income you deserve. 

The Why, What and How of Blocks

You will learn answers. Hugh will talk about why you don’t attract the income you deserve. What are the causes? And How you can correct each one. 

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