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Build your leadership skills, inspire high functioning teams, and create THE plan to fully implement your organization's mission, creating sustainable, recurring revenue! Here is what you've been looking for and didn't know existed!



Struggling With Your Leadership Skills? 

Is Your Board Not As Engaged as it Could Be? 

Are you Burned Out and wondering What to Do?


What do you get by joining this private online community?


Get Hugh's Leadership Secrets.

Nothing happens without leadership. In fact any organization is limited by the ability of the leader. Grow your skills in order to grow the organization to fully achieve its mission. Become the leader that you were created to be with Hugh's programs and systems.

Professional Assistance for Free.

Hugh Ballou has 32+ years of experience in leadership and organizational development work with business and nonprofit leaders.


Initial Strategy, Where to Start.

Never wonder where to start or what to do next! There are resources to guide you in a step-by-step process, from where you are to where you want to be. Learn to grow your skills, empower teams, attract revenue, and balance your life.


The Why, What and How of Unstuck

We all get stuck from time to time, and we can't always figure out how to move forward. Find solutions to your most pressing issues.

The Bonuses you get for just trying this private online community!

      Over $1,000 of value free as soon as you join...even with the $1 trial for 30-days! It's a deal you can't refuse!

5 Pillars of Success

Get Hugh's 5 Pillars of Success.

In order for any organization to be successful, profitable (yes, even for "nonprofits"), attract sufficient revenue, achieve long-term sustainability, and impact more people's lives, it's essential to have these 5 things in place from the beginning. It's a 5-part mini-course! It's a $97 value.


Hugh's Report on Self-Sufficiency.

Hugh has analyzed the key factors in creating a self-sustaining revenue stream for nonprofits to be self-sufficient. It's a priceless value.


Access to Private Leader Forums.

No single person has all the answers, so you'll have access to online forum discussions to post and answer relevant questions facing all nonprofit leaders and clergy in the new normal of leadership. The challenges are multiple and finding answers is critical.

It's a value of $50/month.


Ongoing Access to Video Trainings

Unlimited viewing of paid symposium, seminar, webinar, and training events on multiple, relevant topics. It's a value of $89 - $997.


Here's An "Under-the-Hood" Tour of Everything You'll Get Access To

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Why should I join the SynerVision “Community for Community Builders” online community?


One of the most difficult and demanding areas of leadership is in social benefit work called “nonprofit.” It’s sometimes lonely and stressful. Having a community of people to connect with is the first benefit. It's good to be able to share ideas and challenges with people who have the same concerns and sometimes have a part of the answer you are missing…and you might have a part that’s missing for them. Connect with other nonprofit leaders and clergy in a way that’s affirming and in a private and secure setting.


What can I expect to find in this online community?


You will find opportunities to grow your skills and solve problems in a confidential and safe platform not available anywhere else. Presently, the SynerVision Community offers the following: Forums for discussions; Articles in the form of blog posts for learning and hearing stories of success; Webinars on specific topics for leaders, staff and board members; Nonprofit Performance 360 Magazine free in digital form; Podcasts and live interviews with major thought leaders, called The Nonprofit Exchange; Online Learning on specific topics, many of which you might not realize are issues, and a pathway to move through issues to success; and Live Events offered all over the US and streamed to interested leaders who are SynerVision community members. The BIG deal is Live Q & A with Hugh each week to address the pressing issues facing nonprofit leaders and clergy - it's also a time for peer-to-peer networking and problem-solving.


What does it cost to join this community and what do I get for my fee?


There is one level of membership which includes access to all content, private forum discussions, and private office hours for Q & A weekly with Hugh Ballou, SynerVision Founder and President. This membership level is called "Influencer."  Currently, SynerVision is offering a one-month trial subscription for only $1 to try out the community benefits and features. If you find that community membership is assisting you in personal growth and organizational development, then you can continue the membership for $40 per month. You get to keep the free content you received when you joined the community even if you cancel. The membership is month-to-month and can be cancelled at any time.


Can I cancel if it's not for me?


Yes, you can cancel at any time. There is no long-term commitment. When you join, you get free gifts, which are yours to keep even if you cancel. All you are risking is the $1 trial fee.