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      • SynerVision Leadership Foundation publishes Nonprofit Performance 360 Magazine as one of our many resources for leaders in the nonprofit sector. Leadership is generic and belongs to everyone without exception. We utilize the following guiding principles in making decisions on content: 1) We do not take positions with politics or religion – if we share a story from one political or religious leader, then we share a story from a person representing a contrasting perspective. 2) We do not take political or religious positions and opinions. 3) We discuss leadership and organizational development generically because the principles are universal. 4) We care about all humanity with a spirit of equity and inclusion. 5) We include guests from business and nonprofit leadership and share business systems for nonprofits to install into their organizations. 6) We only publish evergreen information which is why we don’t date the podcast. The information is timeless. 7) We host special events and panel discussions from time to time on themes of importance to our target audience – nonprofit leaders and clergy. You will be contacted when we schedule an event. While we reserve the right to publish the content of your interview on our platforms, the author retains ownership of that content.