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Top 3 Branding Mistakes Your Profit Needs to Stop Making Now

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How to Put a “Twist” in Your Brand with Julie Cottineau

Julie CottineauJulie Cottineau is the Founder and CEO of BrandTwist, a brand consultancy group that helps entrepreneurs and corporations build stronger, more profitable brands. Prior to launching her own business, she was the VP of Brand at Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, overseeing branding strategy for new and established Virgin companies in North America.

About the Interview:

Ever wonder how Richard Branson manages to shake things up every time, in so many different industries? Julie Cottineau, spent 5 years as the VP of Brand for Virgin in North America helping to grow this iconic brand. Now the best-selling author of TWIST: How Fresh Perspectives Build Breakthrough Brands (Panoma Press 2016), Founder & CEO of BrandTwist will show you how TWIST your non profit’s brand  for maximum impact.

Fresh ideas come from looking at old problems from new perspectives.

In this podcast, Julie will teach you how to:

  • Go beyond “me-too” marketing, and get stand out
  • Make the most of every brand touch-point – large and small
  • Connect with target more deeply to create loyal brand ambassadors
  • Walk away with tangible new ideas for your organization

Why nonprofits should care about brand

A unique, compelling brand can make or break even the strongest, most worthy enterprise. Once you understand the true nature of your brand, you achieve clarity and focus. You are in a much better position to serve the cause and the people you’re really passionate about. Literally, it can change a life.

Your charity, church or synagogue needs a strong brand – one with a TWIST. The TWIST is your unique story that will help you stand out, get the attention your good work deserves and build a loyal community of followers, donors, and volunteers.

Julie’s Website http://brandtwist.com

Get her book Twist