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Launch Dates: September 15 – 19, 2020


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Dear X,

My colleague and friend, Hugh Ballou, is launching a special program for people who are considering starting up a nonprofit organization and for those who have launched an organization and want to fill in the gaps that are compromising the success of the nonprofit. The work of nonprofit organizations is crucial to our world and more important than ever before. The challenges are many however there are opportunities for success.

Hugh is launching a new program in the SynerVision Leadership Foundation online community on September 15. This program will close to new applicants on September 19 at midnight, so please consider getting on his list to be notified when the community opens to admit new members. You can find out more about this unique and highly valuable program on the SynerVision Leadership Foundation website at He explains the program on that page and invites you to apply for becoming a Founding Member of this new community building high performing nonprofits.

The time is now and the mission is important. Will you step up and make a difference?

If this opportunity isn’t a fit for you, then please share it with your contacts.

All the best,

Xxxx Xxxx


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Registration opens – September 15, 2020 12:01 am

Registration closes – September 19, 2020 11:59 pm


Link to Apply –

Affiliate Sign Up Form – (you will receive affiliate commissions from sales of this program and all of our programs, or you make your promotion a donation to SynerVision)


Many people have ideas for helping others and thing about starting up a nonprofit but don’t know how to do it or where to begin. SynerVision is launching a Nonprofit Startup Program for teaching people how to launch a successful nonprofit organization – or maybe re-launch one that’s not quite working as expected. Check out the program at and get on the list before registration closes on September 19, 2020


HAVE YOU BEEN WANTING TO START A NONPROFIT? Now there is a resource that equips you to launch it with the best chance of success.

DO YOU HAVE A NONPROFIT THAT’S BEEN STUCK OR THAT ISN’T LIVING UP TO THE POTENTIAL YOU SEE FOR IT? Now there is a resource that equips you to revitalize your nonprofit so it’s higher functioning and has more impact with lower expenses.

The skills and systems you need to succeed in these times of turmoil and beyond are waiting for you. This week.

If your nonprofit’s mission is important to you, and the time for it to flourish is now, step up to access today’s best nonprofit success resources for a mere pittance.

The doors for new applicants to join the SynerVision Leadership Foundation online community open on September 15 and close on September 19. Details about this highly valuable SynerVision Leadership Foundation program that I (YOUR NAME HERE) am deeply affiliated with are now available through this special link:

Discover what this top-notch program can provide to you and apply to become a Founding Member of this new community that is dedicated to building high performing nonprofits during troubled times and beyond.

Do not dally or you’ll miss what might well be the most important opportunity you’ll have this year to launch or revitalize your nonprofit.

Again, visit right away because your access window closes in mere days, on September 19.

Spread the word today.



Learn how to launch your own nonprofit with SynerVision’s step-by-step process. Get on the list now because registration closes on Sept 19 here –



Want to launch your own nonprofit but don’t know how? Join the SynerVision nonprofit startup group and get support for your launch. More at



We are facing a national crisis with our nonprofit organizations of all types. Many are saying that are in danger of closing their doors. Some are saying that there needs to be a New Normal, I say that there needs to be a New Radical. We need a paradigm shift from leadership and operational systems of the past and move toward a leaner, more efficient operational system with higher-performing cultures and upgraded and higher functioning leaders. I have observed and learned from hundreds of nonprofits over the past 32+ years things that don’t work and things that are actually counter-productive to effective leadership. That methodology, tools, and systems are available for nonprofit leaders and clergy to access in order to re-think leadership, to re-learn organizational systems, and to potential re-launch an organization that needs new energy and potentially a revitalization.

Beginning on September 15, 2020, I’m opening up a Founders Launch for you. To start a new nonprofit or re-vitalize an existing nonprofit register to be notified when this unique and one-of-a-kind program opens to new members register at

It’s time for action and developing a new vision for leadership. Leaders step up to the challenge #nonprofitleadership



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