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You are invited to submit an article for Nonprofit Professional Performance 360 Magazine and our blog Nonprofit Performance 360 Magazineroll. The magazine is published 3-4 times annually, and the blog roll is constantly adding new content of interest to nonprofit leaders. Our readers include those in community charities, purpose-driven charities, religious institutions, educational institutions, and government-funded programs. Readers are seeking new ideas for leadership that will help equip them for the powerful work needed in the social benefit sector we represent. Our leadership makes a difference.

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Nonprofit Performance 360 Magazine
Purpose and Philosophy

SynerVision Leadership Foundation publishes Nonprofit Performance 360 Magazine for “Social Entrepreneurs” who are mostly nonprofit leaders and clergy, addressing issues facing leaders in every sector of social benefit work, including community organizations, religious and educational institutions, government-funded programs, and membership organizations.

For the first time ever, nonprofit leaders have a leadership magazine dedicated to the needs of the social benefit sector…Nonprofit Performance 360 Magazine, the resource designed specifically for the nonprofit leader. Each issue of this magazine features cutting-edge thinking and actionable practices from leaders in the field of leadership, organizational culture, and nonprofit management, as well as special guest features. This magazine extends the work of the SynerVision Leadership Foundation and Jeff Magee International, Inc., the creator of Professional Performance 360 Magazine since 1989, by focusing on best practices, strategic thinking, and a collaborative mindset in creating a new culture of success for nonprofits.

Contributors to the nonpartisan publication include those skilled in various aspects of social benefit leadership and organizational development, as well as business leaders sharing sound business principles for nonprofit leaders to learn and instill in their daily practices.

Recurring topics may include the following:

  • Leadership: Tools and Skills to Build a Strong Culture of Leaders
  • Stewardship: Managing Resources of People, Time, Money, etc.
  • Teambuilding: for Staff, Volunteers, Boards, Committees
  • The Academic Desk: Current Research Summaries and Resources
  • The Design Corner: How the Visual Impacts Our Work
  • Executive Office: Tools and Systems to Move Beyond Traditional Thinking
  • Nonprofits that Work: Case Studies of Successful Nonprofits
  • Planning: Creating a Strategy that Delivers the Vision and Mission
  • Clergy View: Success Stories from Faith Leader and Clergy from All Faiths
  • Grants Corner: What You Need to Know about the Variety and Scope of Grant Makers in Order to Attract Funds
  • Board Relations: Keeping the Board of Directors Enthusiastic and Involved with the Cause
  • Member Engagement: Keeping Your Members and Stakeholders Happy


Guiding Principles for Nonprofit Performance 360 Magazine

SynerVision Leadership Foundation publishes Nonprofit Performance 360 Magazine as one of our many resources for leaders in the nonprofit sector. Leadership is generic and belongs to everyone without exception. We utilize the following guiding principles in making decisions on content:

  1. We do not take positions with politics or religion – if we share a story from one political or religious leader, then we share a story from a person representing a contrasting perspective. We do not take political or religious positions and opinions. We discuss leadership and organizational development.
  2. We care about all humanity with a spirit of equity and inclusion.
  3. We include authors from business and nonprofit leadership and share business systems for nonprofits to install into their organization.
  4. We only publish evergreen information which is why we don’t date the magazine. The information is timeless.
  5. We publish special issues from time to time on themes of importance to our target audience – nonprofit leaders and clergy.
  6. While we reserve the right to publish articles on our platforms, the author retains ownership of that content.

Future Themes: 

Issue #14
Starting a New Nonprofit: Guidelines for Founders

The key steps in starting up a new nonprofit. Steps commonly left out or minimized that compromise their result and their ability to attract sufficient funding. Focusing on the key elements for a healthy start-up and understanding why each is critical. The fundamental resources for creating a strong enterprise.
Deadline: On Temporary Hold


Issue #15 Special Issue: Philanthropy

[insert description here]


Issue #16
Embracing Technology to Connect and Empower the Work of Charities

Learning about technology and why it’s important to the work of nonprofits. Developing strategies for social media, web presence, communications through technology, and ways to address the problems created through technology overuse.
Deadline: On Temporary Hold

Issue #17
What Defines an NGO and How Their Work Fills in Gaps Not Filled by Government

What is an NGO and how is it differentiated from the work of government? How does an NGO work and how does it collaborate with local government?

Deadline: On Temporary Hold


  1. Please include a brief (2-3 sentence) personal biography with your article. This may include information on reaching you (e.g., website, email address, Twitter address). Please include your mailing address so that we can send you a copy of the completed magazine.
  2. Please send a high-definition headshot of yourself. This should be at least 150 dpi and the file size should be at least 150 KB. Right-clicking on the photo and choosing Properties will generally provide this information. You may also send a high-definition image file of your book cover, if applicable.
  3. You must send your text, photo, and any graphics as separate files. We cannot accept embedded photos and/or graphics or links to web pages.
  4. Please send your copy submissions as Microsoft Word file attachments. No other word processing programs or text files will be accepted.
  5. Acceptable formats for photos and graphics are JPEG/JPG or TIFF. PDFs cannot be accepted. Photos need to be free of any added text.
  6. One-page articles should be 600-700 words. Two-page articles should be 1200-1400 words. These limits include your biography, but do not include the article title or your name. If these limits are a challenge for you, we can edit your article down to the appropriate size.
  7. Please check and adhere to submission deadlines for appropriate issues. Feel free to submit articles for consideration for a future issue or for the blog roll, as well as a topic for a podcast interview.
  8. All submissions are subject to editing.

Articles should be submitted using the online Form.

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