Hugh Ballou, Founder and President, SynerVision Leadership Foundation

Thanks for joining this One of a Kind leadership community. I’m looking forward to our collaborative efforts, which will make us all better in accomplishing our mission.

We are working to make a difference in the communities we serve and most of us need something more than our current resources. This community has been my wish for quite a while and now it’s becoming a reality. It’s a shared space and a place that’s safe for talking openly and honestly about issues that matter. It’s a place outside of the typical “Social Media” noise and clamor, where we can focus on what maters most and build relationships that matter.

Take a look around and let us know what you like and what additional features you might want.

All the best,

Hugh Ballou

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You Are Now An “Influencer” Member of the SynerVision Community for Community Builders

Please look around to see what resources we have for you! Here are some of what’s available now:

  • Create your own customized learning plan with the exclusive training programs, templates, and tools for leading and planning (Click the Button Below)
  • Network with peers doing similar work from all over the US to get support, encouragement, and fresh ideas
  • Blog Articles from amazing experts – we have lots of articles and more are being uploaded every week!
  • The Nonprofit Exchange interviews either as video, written transcripts, or podcasts – 6 years worth of rich resources
  • Nonprofit Performance 360 Magazine, plenty of great content also spanning 6 years read it on a flip file, get the PDF or receive your print copy at your address – please be sure that your mailing address is on your personal record
  • Online Forum Discussions – because you joined as “Influencer” you can participate in these conversations 24/7
  • Live facilitated Q & A sessions with Hugh Ballou and the SynerVision Team members for “Influencers” ONLY
  • Custom webinars and trainings to respond to your needs and issues
  • A generous discount of up to 50% on online self-study programs
  • More, much more coming. Let us know what you want to see. It’s your community, too!

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