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1109, 2023

Unlock Your Potential, Achieve Greatness and Make An Impact Affordably

September 11, 2023|

It is so important to build proper business relationships no matter how small or how large your organisation is. Your potential biggest client, sponsor or donation for you and your organisation is out there.

509, 2023

Dreamers That Ignite Change: How to Become a True Visionary

September 5, 2023|

Ordinary people have incredibly intuitive solutions to many of the world’s “unsolvable” issues. I want visionary leaders feeling empowered with the knowledge that it should be THEM who looks at an unsolvable issue and then comes up with an audaciously simple solution that breaks barriers.

808, 2023

Social Impact Organizations Must Learn to Think and Act Like Digital Media Companies

August 8, 2023|

Eric Ressler believes that in order to take advantage of the benefits of the information era, social impact organizations must learn to think and act like digital media companies.

108, 2023

Retaining Your Talent and Workforce!

August 1, 2023|

Employees and volunteers always have choices about where and for whom they work for. All workplaces are a collection of people brought together to achieve common goals but each individual has their own unique and personal needs that must be met for work to be fulfilling.

2507, 2023

Curiosity Did Not Kill The Cat: Intentional Leadership and Living

July 25, 2023|

To be a truly effective leader we need to be intentional. That requires us to be curious, be respectful, and practice accountability and we need to have a nuanced understanding of each and how they work together and balance one another

1807, 2023

No Kids Sleep on Floors in Our Town: The Story of Launching a Successful Nonprofit

July 18, 2023|

How a simple Christmas project with his kids launched a successful nonprofit with a nationwide presence, changed the course of his life, and set him on a mission to make sure that no kid sleeps on the floor.

1107, 2023

Barriers to High Performing Teams: How Great Leaders Clear the Path

July 11, 2023|

Your sole objective is to fulfill the mission for which your organization was created within financial resource constraints, quickly, efficiently, with high quality, and high customer satisfaction. Great leaders access the inherent intrinsic motivation people bring to work creating high engagement, performance, and meaning in the work.

407, 2023

Enneagram and Transformation with Joseph Howell Ph. D., Clinical Psychologist

July 4, 2023|

The ego impairs our sense of reality and our ultimate success. With the enneagram, we see the other person or ourselves that are the antidotes to the problems of the ego.

2706, 2023

Empowering Volunteers to Advance Your Mission

June 27, 2023|

Volunteers aren't free, but if you invest in them wisely, through good training and strong leadership, they will provide you with a return on investment for your mission that is unmatched by any other investment you could make.

1206, 2023

Beyond Dancing in Your Pajamas – How to Really Use Videos for Your Business or Nonprofit

June 12, 2023|

Learn how videos can be used to educate, connect with your community and increase awareness about your work so that you can increase the donations your organization needs to do the selfless and gracious work you do.

3005, 2023

Leading a Historic House Museum Nonprofit

May 30, 2023|

Designated a National Historic Landmark, Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest is an award-winning historic restoration in progress, nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visiting Poplar Forest offers a unique opportunity to hear the stories of Jefferson's family, the free and enslaved craftsmen who built the historic masterpiece and the enslaved people who lived and labored on the plantation.

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