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It’s my new program will unlock what’s binding you and limiting your income…
even if you don’t think that you have limits!

Here’s the overview of the program:

We each have brilliance in our field, however, we don’t have the skills to build out the process to earn money we deserve with that brilliance. It’s not our fault…we aren’t supposed to know all the details that will attract income from our products or services. We are great…we just don’t know how to fully convert our skills into the income that we deserve.

In my world, leadership is the pathway to income. Filling in the gaps that we don’t see and don’t realize are holding us back is why I have created this program.

We start right away by defining the future vision and then create the pathway to attracting income to achieve that future vision. There is a lot of valuable content delivered weekly. There are group Q & A sessions every two weeks. It’s the content that unlocks your future and a group process guided by me to assist you in achieving your ultimate success!

There are lots of online programs offering promises to create lots of revenue. Some of them even work. What’s missing from those “quick fix” offers is a system for creating sustainable, recurring income and a support system to assist us when we get stuck or get confused.

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My answer is to provide a system with a step-by-step implementation sequence.

  1. There’s no guesswork…
  2. There’s no wondering what’s next…
  3. There’s sufficient content to guide your planning and actions…
  4. There’s a support group and my mentoring…
  5. There are specific modules covering the stages for moving forward…see the overview below…

Module I: Define the Future

  • Lock in long-term objectives
  • Create the pathway to results
  • Identify multiple streams of income
  • Define your unique offers
  • Learn to set yourself apart from the competition and attract clients

Module II: Equip Yourself

  • Unblock the inner barriers limiting your income
  • Learn the unique skills that empower profit
  • Develop the skills to present and close sales
  • Empower time strategies to accomplish more in less time
  • Master the art of influence to attract ideal clients

Module III: Create the Energy

  • Define your position of influence
  • Leverage collaborative opportunities to grow
  • Build high performance teams – formal & informal
  • Build momentum with mastermind strategies
  • Identify where your ideal clients are

Module IV: Attract the Money

  • Learn how to forecast and control cash flow
  • Develop financial metrics to take away fear
  • Create the relationship with financial professionals
  • Zero in on your compelling offer
  • Identify prices for multiple sources of income

Module V: Build Your Support 

  • Learn how to find and leverage relationship with other influencers
  • Identify if you need a coach, consultant or mentor for specific initiatives
  • Create your master team for ongoing support
  • Define your continuing improvement system
  • Learn how to create and leverage your teams and tribe

Module VI: Create Sustainability  

  • Implement systems for evaluation and revision to stay on target
  • Set up metrics for measuring and accountability
  • Develop systems for financial tracking
  • Migrate strategies over time
  • Create a legacy – insuring the future of your vision


Only you are holding you back. Transform your future by transforming yourself first. Next, learn my systems for success that I created and improved over the past 30+ years of working with leaders.

There’s no limit to what you can accomplish…

What the mind can conceive and believe can be achieved.” – Napoleon Hill


Here’s what you get…

  • Six modules with weekly video lessons and action guides
  • Templates for planning and decision making taking out the guessing
  • Bi-Weekly Q & A group sessions…there’s great energy in group sessions
  • Online group discussion forums
  • Bonus sessions targeting the actual needs of the group
  • Group size limited for maximum access to Hugh

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to create the income you deserve!


I can only work with people taking responsibility for their future and people who can make decisions. If that’s you, then let’s get started.

Here’s the drill…
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