Cooperation and collaboration can greatly accelerate business growth.

CEO Space was conceived in 1988 via a thought leader educational summit in Huntsville, Alabama, as a forum for CEOs that would provide missing mechanisms to accelerate business development. In the rapidly advancing entrepreneur age, there was a lack of centralized resources to mentor and rapidly develop entrepreneurial skills, to grow social capital via cooperative trading communities, and to execute customer base and alliance acquisition coupled to investor capital to decrease time and cost to reach owner growth goals. CEO Space satisfied those missing criteria, earning recognition by Forbes. CEO Space Business Growth Conferences, a networking environment unlike any other, develop meaningful, mentor-driven relationships where professionals are able to get the help they need in a cooperative environment.

Cooperative Capitalism, the foundation of CEO Space, uses systemic organization theory to uncork output which is impossible to realize in competitive structure theory. Competitive structures are forged upon fear, punishment, and exploitation. Cooperative culture reforms are based on hub management, transmission of common vision within systems of accountability, reward, recognition, and celebration. Some fast-growing firms, like Apple, Google, Whole Foods, Zappo, and Pinterest use cooperative principles as expressed in Victor Perlo’s People Vs. Profits. Meanwhile, the old competitive firms are missing earnings and laying off in record numbers as they fail to adjust to super change in the markets today. Cooperative capitalism is a better model than competitive organizational theory for coordinating activity.

While keeping our focus on the People Vs. Profits mindset, CEO Space is evolving to better support our members’ business growth needs through solutions and systems that make cooperation easier to obtain.

Advantages of Cooperative Capitalism

Cooperative capitalism, at the national agenda level, is an improvement on competitive capitalism and communism. Those systems have delivered massive corruption and greed – consolidation of wealth by elites so that 1% own more than 99% of a nation’s wealth – which is unstable and likely to breed meltdown (the economic crisis of 2008 and the movie The Big Short), followed by trade war, ending with a contagious super crash. This is the global bubble both Clinton and Trump were ranting about, which is typically followed by world war to rebalance economics.

We are smart enough and tied together well enough digitally to cooperate. At the national levels, twelve laws (expressed in Berny Dohrmann’s book Redemption) create a fully transparent, fully reportable, fully accountable corruption-free zone without secrets in the financial system. The upgrade to cooperative capitalism is the final systemic revolution which precludes boom-bust cycles, provides full partnership and prosperity to the entire world, and removes poverty and lack of education from the masses. If this is the world we want, we must cooperate to get there, as competition will give us only more of the same. We believe that competition is the destroyer of all integrity and leadership, and cooperation is the cure. As President Bill Clinton said, we either cooperate or we perish. As President Obama said, we must become again a people that turns to one another versus people that are turning on one another.

Impact of Cooperation

Cooperative enterprises from CEO Space include the world’s leading children’s music education product (Piano Wizard) and the second-grade school teacher who built an empire with Airborne, the allergy and cold medication company. Brands like Chicken Soup, Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Secret, and Men are From Mars were built out of CEO Space, as were Thoughts are Things by Bob Proctor and Greg Reid, and Pivot by Adam Markel. From a guitar player creating the automotive product Tow Truck in a Box, to a dreamer creating GumChucks dental products, CEO Space has advanced thousands of brands and dreams. Today two large amusement parks, Bible Park USA and Game Nation, are being created by cooperative systems modeling within CEO Space. One Sphera, the new social media company developed by the one who started it all (Dr. Bud James of MySpace) is about to launch into a billion clicks globally. Cooperation brings innovative CEOs from 140 nations to learn cooperation system modeling for their business, whether that business is a dental office or a Fortune institution.

Nonprofit Cooperation Instead of Competition

To advance their culture to one more focused on cooperation and collaboration, nonprofit leaders need to read People Vs. Profits and stay on purpose. Doing good works with a fear-punishment exploitation (you’re fired) culture is not the way to win hearts and minds and explode your charity into global outreach. If you get your company’s culture right, you will grow exponentially. Cooperation shrinks the time and cost to reach growth goals. Competitive models take much longer and cost much more. Seek out cooperative management leadership and cooperative alliances, affiliates, and sponsors. Avoid competitive non-fit mind sets for system organization, which are being rapidly replaced by the flawless organization system of cooperative management. CEO Space is a place where leaders are brought current in cooperation management leadership principles, an upgrade to the lost opportunities stifled by competition.

The Future of Brands

Cooperation in any workspace outperforms measurement and assessment output for any size operation. Performance gains are enormous when you upgrade into cooperative cultures from the antique and failed performance model of competitive systemic modeling. The corporate waste of human capital in the competitive model of management, still being taught at universities, is simply a love affair with obsolescence. The future belongs to cooperation alliances, partnerships and management between firms. Companies demonstrating People Vs. Profits win and keep market share. Those who fail to see social capital inside their organizational model theories will lose enormous brand value. The cooperation revolution sets a step-by-step plan for administration of nations, to Fortune 500 firms, to a chiropractor’s office, immediately reforming culture from low- to high-yield performance.

We invite CEOs everywhere to master cooperation theory in the workspace as the next step to uncork unlimited human potential gains across your entire workspace from bottom to top. Output assessments are well proven with both small and large enterprises, ranging from 3M Corporation to countless institutions like Chicken Soup that started with two people and ended with a $68,000,000 brand resale. Cooperation is profitable; competition is not. Leaders who remain embraced in competitive management culture theory will lose brand value and market loyalty over time in the super-change future markets. Cooperation keeps management current, whereas competition remains entrenched in the mindset of the way we have always done it, which is doom to innovation and the future of brand space today, and for centuries to follow. Super change is sped up. We need to calm down and catch up. Cooperation is the tool and tactical path for hyper-growth and outstanding quality within a super change environment. Check out cooperation management theory.


September Dohrmann is the President and CEO of CEO Space International and Vice Chairwoman of the Board of Directors. Prior to joining CEO Space, she was a licensed real estate agent, specializing in the purchase and turnaround of distressed properties., 256.850.4700


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