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Life is the Only Thing That Can Defeat Cancer

You have to start somewhere when you have a passion project!tryingnottodie.LIVE

Deb Krier

Deb Krier

Deb Krier is a coalition builder and warrior who is rewriting the playbook on how to L.I.V.E. with cancer. Diagnosed with Stage 4 Triple Positive Breast Cancer in 2015, she has seen what happens when cancer has people and is on a mission to ensure that we are no longer “fine” with cancer by energizing our voices and expanding our choices. As an unlikely cancer
survivor, she’s experienced the disconnection and despair of a system where cancer is the star of the show while people with cancer are watching silently from the sidelines. Now, she is using her experience and expertise to kill cancer with honesty, communication, and collaboration. She imagines a day when people dealing with cancer from all sides no longer fight their own battles and instead create coalitions that honor each other, with selflessness and society.

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