In-Kind Grants:
About the Process

Organizations will be qualified through our application/vetting process which includes basic information, level of commitment, alignment with SVLF’s values and goals, and a covenant agreement for both parties. (See application page for more information)Grants

Once approved by the staff and board, the organization will participate in conversations with selected WayFinders and they will collaboratively create a Solution Map for the transformational process.  WayFinders will provide in-kind services to the organization through a seamless 2-3 year process which will be punctuated with evaluation, reflection, and recommitment.

Fundamental learning will be provided through articles, teleseminars, online training, webinars, and online classes.   Leadership and team systems and strategies will be offered in books, articles, audios, phone conferencing, and online classes.  Other services offered will be: in-person training and process facilitation; individual executive coaching; and live conferences and workshops in the areas of capacity building; enhancing board effectiveness; building upon existing physical, human and social capital; continuous learning, reflection, and evaluation; and strategizing celebration and renewal.  SVLF will guide organizations through transformation to increase success by educating and empowering leaders to engage members and volunteers in fulfilling the mission and vision of the organization.

SVLF will also guide the organization to create and assess measurable outcomes based on this transformational process so that they will be sustainable, fundable, and independent from SVLF.