What is Leadership?

This is the most searched term for people coming to our site from Google searches. In my 32+ years of leadership training and coaching,  find that few people fully understand the concept of leadership.

If you search “Leadership” you will find about 2,530,000,000 results. You can discount 99% of those. We spend way too much time searching for academic explanations of leadership as theory when in fact we should be experiencing leadership as reality. We manage things. We manage money. We manage our use of time. We LEAD people. So much for Management Degrees from Universities…

It’s complex and at the same time simple. Leaders meet the following criteria:

  • Leaders get things done – accomplishment over activity
  • Leaders know how things get done – or learn how things get done
  • Leaders influence others – either positively or negatively, we choose

We can master these things and we can teach these things. The culture of the organization is a reflection of the leader. We model what we expect others to do.

Create a leadership notebook and print out articles and other resources you get from this community. Everything we teach is about leadership.

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