Expanding The Reach of Your Message – Creative Cost Effective Ways to Spread Awareness & Attract Support: Interview with Jessica Koch

If your cause or organization is the most amazing thing ever, but no one knows about you…. this can be a problem… or if you are in the top 100 causes and your message and how you share it has stopped feeling relevant or kept up with the times.. then you can have an issue. How do you spread the word about what you do for your community, the country, or the world? What vehicles to use, and what is the cost or knowledge needed?

Jessica Koch

Jessica Koch

Jessica Koch has been a National Sales Professional for more than 25 years. She has worked with Fortune 1000 clients like Disney and Verizon. She has also worked with National Power Utilities, Hospitals, governments, and Universities/Colleges. She successfully trained and managed multiple sales teams nationally, who were consistently the top sales producers. She speaks nationally and has been featured on many podcasts and video interviews. She will soon be featured in a published book series Titled: Profiles in Success: Inspiration from Executive Leaders
in the Washington D.C. Area.

As the daughter of a Retired Navy Service member, she was given the opportunity to reside both domestically and internationally including Germany, France, Bavaria, and Prague. She currently resides in Solomon’s Island Maryland. She and her husband have raised their 7 kids in the area and they are proud to be parents of an Active Duty Member of the United States Army!

Jessica’s goal is to guide business owners and sales professionals to achieve a balanced sales and marketing strategy. She uses proven classic sales techniques combined with modern technology, including her vast knowledge of LinkedIn. She has been an active user of LinkedIn since 2008 and has won friends, influenced people, and successfully turned Connections into Clients! This approach allows for a drastic increase in bottom-line results as well as, time for community and family life.

More about Jessica and her work at https://jessicaLkoch.com

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