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How Nonprofits and Their Leadership Teams Can Grow Their Impact Faster Than They Ever Thought Possible:
Interview with Pinnacle Certified Coach Mark Slabaugh

Mark Slabaugh

Mark Slabaugh

About Mark in his words: I am blessed to be a coach. My unique background includes non-profit leadership and entrepreneurship. These experiences taught me how to recruit, lead, and retain teams. I am a student of my surroundings and the people I meet. I bring expertise in a truth-telling conversation. I tenaciously chase my personal goals. And I enjoy helping others leverage their skills for the team.

As an Executive Coach and Pinnacle Business Guide, I have the joy of coaching teams with crazy dreams. Since I have also sat in the leader’s chair, I understand the pressures he/she faces. This has brought some of the greatest joy in my professional career – helping leaders accomplish a crazy dream.

My wife and I enjoy helping our kids chase their dreams. All four are engaged in activities and school pursuits that are unique to them. It’s been such a joy to cheer for them in sports and life.

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